Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What the Medical Experts Say

So yesterday, Mom and I went down to Guide Dogs for a vet visit. I was so super excited to be at GDB that I forgot that my leg hurt. Whoops! We met with the doctor and she gave me a good rub down. She decided that I should take a little nap while they took some pictures of my legs.

There is a big portion of the day, after meeting the vet, that is way hazy to me. So confused! Even more confusing was how I felt when Mom came back to get me. My body didn't work right. I am pretty sure that my head was floating through the room. Not sure how, but yikes!

While I was out of it, Mom was told two things about my legs. 1) My hips and knees look good! There was no indication of any torn ligaments or problems with my legs. And 2) I have a temporary disease called Panosteitis. Growing pains! My bones have grown too fast, causing them to be spongy near the ends of the long bones. This can cause pain when it happens in any leg. I have it in both back legs and, after the trauma of my accident, I can't pretend I don't hurt anymore.

So, more rest for me! And more anti-inflammatory meds. Hopefully, I will be back on my feet again (all four, evenly weighted) soon!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
Wags and Wiggles,
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  1. Dagan, Kyle had panosteitis this summer. It was pathetic to see him limping in so much pain. At one point he even convinced me to carry him. After a couple days of medicine, he felt all batter and was able to enjoy a camping trip. I hope your recovery is just as swift.

  2. Miss. Amanda, May I speak to Kyle please?? I need to know how he convinced you to carry him! I try, but they look at me like I am crazy. I know I am big, but 70 pounds shouldn't be too hard to carry, right? Hmmm... Maybe I should work on convincing them to get me a stroller instead.

  3. Carol Eshleman (and Anista)November 18, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    ah Dagan
    The best news is that your condition is temporary.