Saturday, November 6, 2010

Papa's Birthday *Throw back*

Dagan's face close up from above. Dag looking up into the camera, a small piece of weed stuck to his noseWelp, I loaded pictures here a while back, but never posted them! What a slacker I am! WAY back in August, it was Papa's birthday! He turned 81 this year. So, we packed up the car and went to hang out with the family.
Papa Marks sitting in his chair on the porch with his birthday presentsThe Birthday Boy opened presents and we all enjoyed the great weather. We love sitting on the back porch and chatting, relaxing and enjoying the company.
Dagan lying on the porch, head down with eyes looking up at the cameraI am personally a fan of roaming the yard while the people sit and talk. But, when it is crab apple season, I spend a lot of time being told no. A yard full of little smelly balls... Who can resist?!? But, because the nagging got annoying, I decided to give up and give in to a nap.

Until I heard the party starting! No one told me the whole neighborhood was being invited!
Mama turkey and her 3 babies milling around the yardTurkey Lurky and her babies come by to wish Papa a happy Birthday. They don't like me and run as soon as they even hear me. But, we did get some picture proof that they came by to say hello.

It was a great day! Always fun to spend time with the family and eat some ice. I love ice!

Wags and Wiggles,

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