Tuesday, November 30, 2010

14 things at 14 months

Well, 14 months and 2 days! For this month, I'm doing 14 things that make me sad or show you that I am sad:

1) Getting in trouble (I will not chase feral kitties. I will not chase the feral kitties.)
2) Big, deep sighs with a slightly moan-y quality.
3) Being asked to get off a comfy blanket because a person wants to use it.
4) I put myself to bed, away from the fam.
5) Seeing one of my people, and them not saying hello.
6) I drop my head and stick my chin out.
7) When the kitties get fed before me.
8) When we stop by a friend's house just to drop something off and I don't get out of the car.
9) I throw myself to the floor and pout.
10) When I can hear one of my people, but not see them.
11) Having my dad come home late late late.
12) I sit by the front door and look out the window.
13) Going too long without seeing my girlfriend. (It's been a LONG 2 weeks!)
14) I put my sad ears on.

Luckily, there is not too many times that I am sad. It's just been a rough day (I will not chase feral kitties. I will not chase feral kitties). And yesterday was rough, cause I went to the place I normally see my girlfriend and she wasn't there. So sad! I moaned and sighed all through Mom's meeting. I can't wait for her mom and dad to get back from vacation! I smelled her on her sitter tonight, but she wasn't there. That made me more sad.

Here's the month 14!
Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

For Thanksgiving, Mom's parents came to visit us. Then, we all went to visit Dad's family. There was lots of this:

(Picture: a whole lotta people in the kitchen - 2 brother in laws and a mother in law)

A whole lotta this:
(Picture: Donna and Cassie at the counter, smiling and snacking)

A heck of a lot of this:

(Picture: Dagan sitting in the kitchen looking intent)
Some of this:
(Picture: Dagan getting loved on by Uncle Steve)
And not nearly enough of this:

(Picture: 3 dogs in the kitchen eating dinner. Left to right: CC golden retriever, Lester, cattle dog Lupe and Dagan)

Let's get more of the last picture next year!

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Santa,

I've been a good boy. Please turn the heat back on! It's cold here! Or at least arrange for the heater repair people to open back up so we can get it fixed.

If that won't work for you, can you please send more people here so I have more laps to cuddle in! The people here keep turning me away! It's COLD!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hotel for Dag

What a weekend! I spent my first night in a hotel! A hotel is a weird place. It is someplace that you go to sleep, but it is not home. Or the home of anyone you know. So weird! Mom said I was a good good boy. I laid on my GTB mat and chewed on my toys. Lovin' my boney-bone!
Dagan lying on his mat, chewing on his bone with his kong near byHey Lady, that flash is a little bright and is detracting from my chewing pleasure!
Close up ground view of Dagan chewing on his bone with his eyes squintedOK! OK! OK! Enough with the camera already! I am TRYING to chew in peace! Get OUTTA my face, or you will regret it! I'm telling you! OK, fine. You forced me to do it.

close up of Dagan's face with his tongue sticking out at the camera
Hotels are more fun that that camera!

Wags and Wiggles,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blogger Stats are creepy!

Just saying! Have you ever looked at your stats just to see who's looking at you?? I was looking at my stats, checking out where all my buds are from and how they find me. There are people from 12 countries reading me! Holy smokes! Am I cute in China?? I'm hoping so!

But, then I looked at how people are finding me. There are some crazy search strings that find me! I am now significantly CREEPED OUT! Let's just say if you are the one person who was looking for dirty dirty awful things, I hope you NEVER find what you are looking for! Ick!


I fell off the wagon...

Sorry! I fell off my blogging wagon! It has been a WAY busy week! Pictures and adventures will be posted soon! For now, I must sleep. SO tired!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Santa,

Please don't bring this guy to my house. He is scary and I just don't like him!


PS If you do, he is likely to eat your cookies before you can!

(Picture: A toy "Big Foot Monster" in a thin plexi glass display case. You hit the button and he moans and groans and growls, does flips and bumps against display case, bumping and thumping. He scares Dagan silly. He will walk by the display now, but not happily and he eyes Big Foot the whole time)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tis the Season...

Today, Mom and Dad picked me up from the sitter bright and early (or rainy and early. Whatever). We headed up to the fairgrounds where we met a bunch of other people. I love lots of people - they all tell me how cute I am! Duh! I am SO cute! We were all there to pack bags of food for people in our community that are having a tough time.

First, we had to take lots and lots of food and separate them into types of food. You take a bin of food and distribute the items on the correct tables.

Dagan sitting next to a table labeled Cereal

This part was a bit chaotic, so I had to sit on the sidelines. Luckily, I had my "Go To Bed" mat with me! Love my place!

Dagan resting on his Go To Bed mat, watching the happenings
Here is Dad at the bean table. Lots and lots of beans! This was my favorite table, because it was right by my mat. While people put their food down, I gave them "the eye" hoping that I would get some attention. Sometimes it worked!

Dagan getting a pat on the head from a small hand
Then, the assembly line started! We picked up a special bag, then stopped by each of the tables to pick up the right amount of stuff from the table. We added 1 cake mix or brownie mix, 2 cans of tomato products, 2 cans of fruit, 2 cans of veggies, a bag of beans and a bag of rice. People walked around and around the room. I didn't get to walk the whole time because of my pano. But, I did get to do some laps. Here I am waiting in line.

Dagan's head as he stands amongst a bunch of legs in the assembly lineThere were lots and lots of bags to pack! It was amazing! Here I am with just a few of the bags.

Dagan sitting in front of piles and piles of packed bagsIt was a long morning and I was way tired in the end! So tired that, when I was napping at home I didn't even wake up to a HUGE clap of thunder that shook the house! Mom almost dove for cover, thinking that the house was falling down around her!

Again, it feels good to do for others.
Wags and Wiggles,

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm outta here!

Mom and Dad are off to The City for a double date with my Uncle Jimmy. They are going to something called a comedy club. So, I'm going to a sleep over!! WE have a new raiser family in our group that needs to get in 5 days of puppy sitting. Here's to their first day! I'll be sure to break them in nice and easy.

See ya all on the flip side!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

I know that Mom and Dad like doing things for other people (they are raising me, after all!). Though I take up much of their volunteer time, they find other ways to help out other people. Each year, they pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They fill a shoe box with goodies to ship off to kids around the world that would not otherwise get a Christmas present. Mom and I help collect the boxes at our church. This Sunday is the final collection day, so we needed to get our boxes done! I was pretty excited to help!

Mom and I did a little shopping last week, but I missed out on the bulk of it last night. It would have been fun too! Mom went with my most favoritest person! Bummer that I was still so sleepy!! I was so out of it after my vet visit that I couldn't stay awake for shopping. But, I got to help back boxes tonight!

First step: Read the directions.
Dagan looking at the Operation Christmas Child flier
Step 2: Find your shoe boxes
Dagan sitting on his dog bed with a shoe box

Step 3: Make them pretty!
Dagan lying on his bed with two wrapped shoe boxes and a roll of wrapping paper
Step 4: Gather your goodies
Dagan on his bed surrounded by bags of goodies

Step 5: Separate your stuff (we did a girl box and a boy box - ages 5-9 on each)
Dagan sitting next to the coffee table with the boy stuff and girl stuff
Step 6: Stuff your boxes
DAgan on his bed with the loaded boxes
Step 7: Make sure the lid fits (sometimes, we need help from our friends on this one)

Dagan looking over his shoulder on his dog bed, with the closed boxes and Simba Cat looking on
Step 8: Pay online, so we can track our packages and see where they end up!
Computer screen shot of the box tags
Step 9: Feel good about doing something nice!

I can't wait to see where our boxes end up! I hope the kiddos enjoy the boxes as much as we did putting them together!

Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What the Medical Experts Say

So yesterday, Mom and I went down to Guide Dogs for a vet visit. I was so super excited to be at GDB that I forgot that my leg hurt. Whoops! We met with the doctor and she gave me a good rub down. She decided that I should take a little nap while they took some pictures of my legs.

There is a big portion of the day, after meeting the vet, that is way hazy to me. So confused! Even more confusing was how I felt when Mom came back to get me. My body didn't work right. I am pretty sure that my head was floating through the room. Not sure how, but yikes!

While I was out of it, Mom was told two things about my legs. 1) My hips and knees look good! There was no indication of any torn ligaments or problems with my legs. And 2) I have a temporary disease called Panosteitis. Growing pains! My bones have grown too fast, causing them to be spongy near the ends of the long bones. This can cause pain when it happens in any leg. I have it in both back legs and, after the trauma of my accident, I can't pretend I don't hurt anymore.

So, more rest for me! And more anti-inflammatory meds. Hopefully, I will be back on my feet again (all four, evenly weighted) soon!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
Wags and Wiggles,
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Rough day. Took pictures of my legs. Made. Me. Very. Sleepy. Feel. Funny. Must sleep...

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Us vs. Them

On our outing yesterday, this is what we saw:
Dagan on the left, Ned on the right looking out the back of the carDagan watching Ned get a hug
And this is what they saw:
Rolling hills in Sonoma county, fall colors and blue skiesA hillside of grapevines, just starting to turn fall colors of red and gold
A bunch of grapes dangling from a golden vine
How fair is that??? Yeah. Not! Stupid injury!
Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New things in my slow world

So, with my required rest, it has been a boooooring weekend! My brother-from-another-mother, Ned, was here visiting. His family was gone and I was stoked to have him here. But, we couldn't play. We had to stay on tie-downs far enough away from each other so that we could not wrestle. How fair is that??

Then, we hung out in the car together. After a long drive, we got to get out of the car. I was super excited!! I thought we were going to have some fun! We got out of the car and headed out. But, nope. It was just the hair salon, where we had to sit still. At least Jenn was there to visit! She's my people-cousin. Love her! Then, we all went out to dinner. How come, when we "go out to dinner" some of us never get to eat! It's really not fair!

But today was a different story. Mom put me on my dog bed and told me to be good. Then... she left the house! What?!?!? She left without me! I was sorta shocked. I think she lost it! I would say that she forgot me, but it all seemed so deliberate. But, she never leaves me at home alone out of my crate. But, free in the house??? What is a dog to do??

So, I curled up on my bed to think about it. I wanted to think of some trouble that I could get in to. I was thinking and thinking. I thought so hard that I fell asleep! The next thing I knew, it was 4 hours later and Dad was walking in, waking me up! I didn't get to have any fun while they were away! Bummer! Maybe next time!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me!

Bed rest is NO FUN!! I'm booooooored! Boooooored! I will back up and tell you my tale of woe.

It was a dark and stormy night... Ok not stormy, but dark and cold. I was in the living room, where my dog bed is and I heard a rumor that dinner may be hitting my bowl soon, so I took off at a sprint to the kitchen. I got there, hit the rug in front of the kitchen sink, slid and slammed into the kitchen cabinets. My left leg his the drawers - those drawer pulls hurt! But, since I didn't cry or anything, no one thought too much of my accident.

Until later that night, when Dad noticed that I wasn't standing on my left back leg. Mom palpated. Mom stretched and moved my joints. No obvious points of pain (I didn't want her to know what was wrong, so I just pretended that nothing hurt.) But, she knew better. When Mom touched my leg, I couldn't help but tense all my muscles.

I rested Thursday at work (no lunch time walkies. Bummer!). I rested at home Thursday night. I rested all night. But, still, I am not using my left back leg right. If I am standing still, I shift my weight off that leg. I sit down as quick as possible. I lie down with my left leg under me, so that all my weight is on my right leg while I go down. I rested at work on Friday. But, still Mom called the vet.

Off to the doctor! I was super polite while we were checking in. I sat patiently (until I slid into a down) while Mom talked to the ladies. Then, it was time to sit in the waiting room. Luckily, I was by a hallway, so there was lots to watch!
The back of Dagan's head as he looks down the hall in the waiting roomThen, when they called my name, I jumped up with excitement. I LOVE when people know my name! We went into the room for some more waiting before the Doc came in. I watched and watched the door for her to come in!
Dagan in a sit, in profile, watching the door of the exam roomFinally! She came in to say hello and check out my cuteness! She looked in my eyes and ears. She looked at my teeth. She took my temperature (really, there's GOTTA be a better way to get that info!) Then, it was time to inspect the leg. She pushed and prodded. She moved and swiveled. Then, she talked about x-rays. She wanted to sedate me to take pictures of my leg. But, after talking, she and Mom decided to use some anti-inflammatory meds for the weekend and talk to Guide Dogs about what we should do next. OH! Meds and BED REST! Boooooooooooooooring! So, I am taking my pills and hanging out on my dog bed. And sitting on my dog bed. And sitting on my dog bed.

I get to move from my dog bed to the car later. Then, from the car to the hair salon. Now that sounds like an exciting day, doesn't it?? Ugh.

Hopefully, this rest fixes me up so I don't have to have pictures of my left taken. My knee is a bit camera shy.

Keep your paws crossed for me!
Wags and Wiggles,

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Rebellious One

Last weekend, we hopped in the car and headed to the town that Dad used to live in. First, we visited the restaurant where Uncle Jimmy is the chef. We sat at the bar, which isn't the most comfy place for a puppy. There is a weird ledge that makes it hard to snuggle in and be good!

Then, we walked around town and visited some stores. We went into the smelly store, where Mom picked up some lotions and stuff. You know - that tasty stuff that I LOVE to lick off! Then, I got to poop in the road with cars zooming by. Talk about excitement! No grass and no parking spots! Luckily, I'm OK with "curbing" and didn't think twice about what I was doing.

But, the real excitement was yet to come! We drove up into the hills, round and round and ended up someplace I didn't recognize. We walked into a house full of people I didn't know. It was kinda weird. Some of them knew me. They talked about how cute my FB pictures are. No clue who they are! Once we got outside, the real fun began! There were dogs! Not just people, dogs! Labradors! At least 2 1/2 labradors! Plus a couple other dogs. One of those dogs was WAY excited to see MY people. Umm... Hello?!?! Who is this Rebel guy who thinks he knows MY people?? Stealing ME belly rubs?!?!
Rebel lying belly up, waiting for some rubbingOOH! He was a puppy in training like me! I thought his name sounded familiar! Rebel decided that he didn't want to be a guide dog a couple years ago. Instead, he is a hearing dog for his partner, Meredith. So cool! Rebel was WAY fun! That boy runs as well as I do. We had a great time running in and around all the chairs that were set up for Rebel's house warming party. Fun!
Rebel and Dagan in downs, looking up at the camera with perked earsAll that running was tiring. But, not so tiring that we couldn't pay attention to all the people and stuff going on! We put our cute faces on to get as much attention as possible.
Rebel and Dagan in sits, alert ears and intense eyes looking at the cameraSee! Cute faces on. Maybe someone will give us something tasty now (something OTHER than kibble Mom! I know you had kibble!) No such luck for me! But, like always, Rebel is living up to his name. That's all I gotta say about that.

Fun Day! Can't wait to see Rebel again!
Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cousins are fabulous!

Sometimes, when we visit the grandparents, my Uncle Steve is there too! He gives great belly rubs!
Steven and John standing in the kitchen
And one time, my cousin Lupe was there too! Look how cute her face is!
Lupe looking up at the camera, showing her fabulous underbiteWe like to run in the yard. She likes to chase me, but we got along great! Sometimes, Miss Lupe can be a bit umm... grumpy with young dogs. Everyone was very pleased that she accepted me so easily!
Dagan, mid-stride running around the yardWe raced around the yard, back and forth. It was so much fun! Then, Lupe got distracted by something more exciting than me...
Turkeys around the bird bathThanksgiving! Err, I mean turkeys! Lupe likes to herd things. Turkeys do not like to be herded, so they jump over the fence and flutter away. I hung back and watched.
Dagan standing in the bushes
I went home way tired that night! So much fun! I can't wait to see Lupe again!

Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sad Sad Monday

It was a sad sad Monday today. Normally, my Kerri comes to Mom's work on Monday mornings to pick me up and takes me to college with her. We go to class, usually hit Starbucks, go back to class and hang out. Sometimes, I spend all afternoon with her. Sometimes, she drops me back off with Mom. But today, none of that happened! I was so twitterpated that I didn't even realize that it was Monday until AFTER work!

I came out of my office and got all excited. I started looking for my Kerri. My ears were perked up, and I looked all over the place for her. I looked around trees. I looked around bushes.

But Mom just took me to our car. She opened the door and told me to load up. I put my sad ears on, heaved a big sigh and hopped in.

No college for me today. Paws crossed for next week.

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

SO Boring!!

One of the most boringest evenings happened last month! I was offered a play date with my friend Katra. But, instead, Mom and Dad took me car shopping. I got to ride in a bunch of different cars. I got to look in even more cars. That part wasn't so bad. It was after that. I sat and waited. And waited. And waited. People are crazy! Plus, it was LONG past my dinner time! I was HUN-GRY! I almost thought I was going to die.

Then, after all the sitting and waiting, they didn't even come home with the car I voted for.
Dagan sitting next to a 2011 red Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra, hood openDon't you think I would look rockin' in that car?? Sigh. Oh well! Instead, I get to stretch my legs in the car we did come home with.
Dagan standing in the back of the new Ford Explorer, liftgate window openIt almost makes me look little! So much room to stretch out and chew on my bones! I have a comfy blanket to rest on. It's not a bad way to ride! I like the new car and am super glad that we keep our license plate - It is SO me!
Dagan lying of the floor at the dealership with the license plate between his front legs reading PUP4GDB

Happy 80th G-Ma!

Just a couple weeks after I turned 1, my Grandma turned 80! Wow! That's ancient! So, the family got together and took Grandma out to dinner. While the other dogs had to stay home, I got to go. But, I didn't get to eat. I took a nap (after all, playing with the dogs that were left behind was tiring!)
Dagan curled up under the table at the restaurantWe went to this place called The Dead Fish. I am not sure what the fish did, but I was just hoping that I didn't make any one mad! I don't want to end up at a place called The Dead Dog!

All the people who ate dead fish got bibs. They looked pretty silly! Papa, Grandma and Dad all wore bibs.

Papa and Grandma in their bibs eating crab, John in his bib smiling at the cameraSo did Jennifer and Auntie Diana! Just Uncle Steve and Mom avoided bibbage!
Steven with no bib in the background, sitting next to Jennifer and Diana, sporting their bibs and holding up a crab shellNot even *I* avoided the embarrassment and I didn't get any fish!
Dagan sitting next to the table with the big plastic bib tied around his neck, hanging down to the groundThen, they brought out some candles and we all sang. Well, no one wanted to hear me sing, so I just wagged a little (with my bib on, of course!).
G-ma and her candle sticks, sitting between Papa and JohnHappy 80th G-ma!
Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Papa's Birthday *Throw back*

Dagan's face close up from above. Dag looking up into the camera, a small piece of weed stuck to his noseWelp, I loaded pictures here a while back, but never posted them! What a slacker I am! WAY back in August, it was Papa's birthday! He turned 81 this year. So, we packed up the car and went to hang out with the family.
Papa Marks sitting in his chair on the porch with his birthday presentsThe Birthday Boy opened presents and we all enjoyed the great weather. We love sitting on the back porch and chatting, relaxing and enjoying the company.
Dagan lying on the porch, head down with eyes looking up at the cameraI am personally a fan of roaming the yard while the people sit and talk. But, when it is crab apple season, I spend a lot of time being told no. A yard full of little smelly balls... Who can resist?!? But, because the nagging got annoying, I decided to give up and give in to a nap.

Until I heard the party starting! No one told me the whole neighborhood was being invited!
Mama turkey and her 3 babies milling around the yardTurkey Lurky and her babies come by to wish Papa a happy Birthday. They don't like me and run as soon as they even hear me. But, we did get some picture proof that they came by to say hello.

It was a great day! Always fun to spend time with the family and eat some ice. I love ice!

Wags and Wiggles,