Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some "Illegal" fun

As a guide dog puppy, I have lots of rules that we have to follow. Lots of those rules revolve around what toys we are allowed to play with. But, if someone gives me a Birthday present, it would be rude not to play with it, right??

So, when we were visiting family in Benicia the weekend after my Birthday, I did the polite thing and spent some time enjoying the stuffed giraffe I was given. It's special because it is made for dogs. It's supposed to hold up to super chewers. If that is true, I must the be the bestest chewer around!
Dagan lying on his mat with the nylabone next to his mat and the giraffe under his noseNotice that I was also given a Nylabone - an approved toy. But, that's no fun! Time to squish the giraffe!
Dagan on his mat with the giraffe standing up over Dagan's leg while getting a good butt sniffingThen, you stand giraffe up and give it a good ummm... hand shake. Don't forget to continue ignoring the allowed toy!
Dagan with a giraffe leg in his mouthOnce you know that the giraffe is who he says that he is (you never really know, right?? That's why we have so many cells in our nose!) take a leg and start chewing!
Dagan lying by the table, the giraffe about a foot in front up him. Dagan's tongue is out and curled up, licking his chopsOOH! So good!! The illegals are just so tasty! Can't wait for another Birthday!

Wags and Wiggles,

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