Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fish Fest Part 2

OK, so now that you know what Fish Fest is, now I'm gonna break out all the crazies! Fish Fest is a fun event for all people - but especially for people who like to people watch! There are tons of crazy dog people (not our kind of crazy dog people - the REAL crazies!), people dressed all weird and some odd folks in general. The guy below is real odd - I was sure what to make of him. He was short like me, with big eyes. He moved kinda all over the place. His name is Coastie, but I am not sure exactly what he is!
Coastie met my friend Tulani too. He tried to seek up behind Tulani and scare her, but our people were too quick for that Coastie!

Then there was this crazy guy. He wore funny clothes and he had a whole bunch of bear friends that followed him around. Let's just say, he had lots of spectators when he rolled by!
All those crazies sure wear a dog out! By the end of the day I was stinkin' tired! I spent the last couple hours, waiting for my friend Shawna to arrive like this:

It's hard being the only cute thing in the booth! The people that were there might want to be called cute, but really - who compares to me??

Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fish Fest Part 1

OK! I'm working on catching up! This neutering thing has kicked my tail! - or close to my tail, anyway!

A few weeks back, it was an amazingly beautiful day! Mom, Dad and I headed out towards the beach really early in the morning. I wasn't too excited to get out of bed that early - until I heard the food bowl. Life's all good once there is food bowl action!

We headed out to Bodega Bay for the annual Fisherman's Festival! So fun! My puppy friends and I had a fund raising booth there where we sold our club shirts. It was a fun day! All the money we make goes towards supplies for us pups and for our harnesses when we graduate.

Tulani and I had to show off our beautiful sign. Gotta be careful with that thing! Wind is CRAZY out there! That thing flies like a bird if not strapped down!
My buddy Cabana was there too! She is always so much fun! Last year, both our Mom's forgot their cameras. Not this year!
Career Change Truman came to visit too! He's such a mature soul - he's been to many Fish Fests over the years! Lucky boy!
Trent came with his family too! We have to have a representative from the Breeding Department, right?? He was our token breeder! He and I chatted about life as a breeder. I was all for it... GDB and other plans for me though.

When people were deciding if they should make a purchase, I gave them "the face" to help urge the sale along. Who can say no to this face?? Doesn't it just make you want to buy something and support us??

More pics from Fish Fest to come (I was there ALL day after all!)

Wags and Wiggles,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Down, but not out!

Ok, I've been fairly quiet lately! Sorry about that! We had a really busy week last week. Then, a really busy weekend! Then, on Monday, I thought all was back to normal. Or I did until Mom came to get me out of my crate early. It wasn't time to leave work yet! What was she thinking?!?!

We drove down to GDB and walked into the kennel. I was excited, but Mom said I ROCKED the walk through the kennel hallway!! Loose leash, calm behavior. I waited when asked, I stopped to chat with people. She said I was pretty darn near perfect (umm...duh!)

We walked all the way to the other end of the kennel to the Vet Clinic. I was excited to be there, cause people said I was cute, but I was a little nervous too! I hung there for a few, then went in to see Dr. Williams. He chatted with my mom about how I am doing. They put me on the scale to see how much I weigh. Dr. Williams asked Mom how old I am. She told him I am not quite 7 months old. He was surprised! He was guessing I was 12 months old! That's way old Dr Dude! Then Dr Dude took me back for some fun. There are super fun people there! They even made getting poked fun.

Then, we were off to the Kennel Reception area. Mom kept telling me to be good. Wasn't sure what that was all about - until someone put a different leash on me and took me away! Hey! Wait! Mom! I want to go home! Oh... wait... It's dinner time here! See ya Mom!

The next day was bad. First, all the dogs around me got to eat breakfast and they FORGOT me! Can you believe it?!?! I did NOT sign up for this! Then, they buttered me up and took me out of my run and acted all happy to see me. They took me back to the vet clinic... OK, they were nice there yesterday. Maybe they would feed me! Nope! More pokes! Then, I took a nice long nap. When I woke up, something wasn't quite right. I had a big helmet on and I kinda hurt. Finally, these people got their stuff together and fed me! It was SOOO yummy! Wet food rocks! Then, more pokes and another nap...

I spent the next day in my helmet, hanging around the kennel. I was still really sleepy, so I didn't do much, even though there were lots of friends around. Then, my dad came to get me! I was SO excited to see him!! He took me home, where I was equally happy to see my Mom. And my food bowl. And the inside of my eye lids. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
No helmet at home! Instead, I wear a big collar. It's kinda confusing. It's hard to bend in it. So, I don't curl up with it on - I lay out more straight than normal - no little balls! Speaking of balls... Yup, I got neutered!
I'm getting sleepy again! Time for another nap!

Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - almost

Dagan with his bone on his bed wearing his bite-not collar that keeps him from licking his neuter incision
Droopy-eyed Dagan chilling post neuter
The aftermath 72 hours at GDB, a couple meals of canned food and "happy juice"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Napping with Nassau

After all that running, we boys needed some rest! We were called "The boys" all weekend. Because I am big for my age, it was kinda hard to tell us apart without seeing our faces. When we went out in public, I was SO embarrassed! Mom put a MEDIUM puppy coat on me! I looked like one of those body builder guys, squeezed into a small tank top, trying to look cool. That look SO does not work for me!

Sorry! Tangent! Anyway! After Nassau and I did all that running, we needed our rest! We were wiped out! Mom always has my red cuddle blanket out (that's the blanket that she uses when we cuddle on my bed). Mom always gets under the blanket. I think that is kinda strange - blankets are comfy to scrunch up into a bed. Not sure why someone would want to snuggle under a blanket - but Nassau thinks like Mom! He wrapped him self up and burrowed under the blanket.
Red blanket on the ugly carpet with the back half of Nassau sticking out
Since, when Mom is under the blanket, I am on top of her, I thought maybe I should come over and check it out.
Dagan lying on top of the blanket covering Nassau, looking at the spot where Nassau's head isWhen I cuddle, I expect something in return - ya know, so pets or something?? But, with all his feet and head covered, Nassau wasn't very good at paying attention to me!
Dagan lying on the blanket next to Nassau under it. Dagan looking up at the cameraSo, what else is a boy to do?? I went for a hunt! Guess what I found! I found Nassau's soft little muzzle! Looks like the perfect spot to plant a kiss!
Nassau still covered by the blanket, but with his nose sticking out. Dagan is kissing his nose
Since that didn't get his attention, I decided maybe I should follow his lead and take a nap too. I was pretty tired, I guess.
Dagan on the blanket napping next to Nassau under the blanketOr at least, I WAS tired! When I heard that it was time for my next meal, you bet your Nylabone that I was up and ready! Nassau was too - he was so excited about food that he was licking his chops before dinner was even scooped!
The boys waiting by the food bowls - Nassau sitting up front, licking his lips and Dagan in a down in the back groundMmmm...Speaking of dinner, I think I better go find Mom again!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New friends are fabulous!

Last Friday, Mom and I headed down to GDB after work. I was kinda surprised - it was totally empty when we were there! I was even more surprised that Mom got out of the car and LEFT me there! Can you believe that?!?! I SO could not! (Umm... Hello? Does she not know the GDB rule of no puppies left in cars unattended?? Some people think the rules only apply to other people!)

When I saw what she came out with, I decided that she can break the rules any time she wants to if she brings me what she did. A friend!! Being to sole dog in the house, I get a little lonely for my own kind (those cats are SO snobby!) Mom came out with a big 'ol black lab! Suddenly, my boring weekend was looking up!

Mom said that Nassau was coming over to visit for the weekend. I was totally stoked! Since traffic was going to stink (and not good stink - exhaust and waiting, rather than deer poo and other good rolling stuff stink!), Mom took Nassau and I over to my Aunt Stacy's house were we got to see LaniJo. Mom didn't take pics of all of us (she is such a slacker some times! But don't worry - there will be pictures soon! I'm hanging with those peeps all day soon).

The 2-foots took us 4-foots with them when they went to grab a quick dinner. They also dragged us yet another Starbucks - and you all know how much I just love Starbucks. Ugh! (And I might add that all the other 4-foots had also been fed. LaniJo ate when she got home from work. Nassau ate before he left the kennel. I was made to starve and wither until we got all the way home. Real fair Mom!)

After I was FINALLY fed (I really thought I was going to die before someone *coughMOMcough* remembered to feed me) Nassau and I got to play! SO exciting!

All my pics are below, but I can't do much describing today - I can't even tell Nassau and I apart when we are running like the wind! SO fun!! I showed Nassau all over my yard.
I showed him the high weeds out back (some are taller than me people! Give the people an acre and they think they can get away without mowing the whole thing!)

Two back labs in knee high grassI showed him the path that the deer like to take to the blackberry bushes (I know cause that's where the good stink leads me)

The black boys sniffing their way towards the fence and blackberriesAnd then we did some racing! I LOVE to race! It was fun to run run run with a friend (Nassau is WAY more fun to run with than Dad!)
Two black labs by a huge bush
The black boys zigging in opposite directionsThen, it was time to go in and Mom called us from the porch. Of course, being perfect gentlemen, we stopped what we were doing and came right away! Yea us!
The black boys running towards the camera
It was SO much fun to have Nassau here to visit with us! More pics to come later! I gotta go convince Mom to feed me some dinner before I starve!

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovin' Spring!

Spring time keeps coming and going around here! One day its cold and rainy. The next, it is sunny and bright. Then, we wake up to frost! Craziness I tell you! CRAZY! But, I have decided that weekend mornings in the nice weather will be pretty cool! A couple weeks ago (on one of those great sunny mornings) Mom and Dad had a slew of errands to run, but decided to start off the day at a cafe in a neighboring town. It was so nice outside, I convinced them to sit on the patio. Patio eating is WAY more exciting than indoor eating! I got to sun myself and watch the world go by.

I can really get used to this! Lovin' it!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunning with Simba

Hey Simba, your sun spot looks really nice and cozy. Do you think we can share?
Simba lying in a square of sun light with Dagan next to the sunny spot
Maybe if you just scoot over a little bit, we can share the sunny spot. Here, I'll help you.
Dagan pawing at Simba in her sunny spot. Simba it rolling over on her back, pawing at DaganHmm, if I try real hard, I can squeeze myself into the sliver you have left open for me.
Simba stretched out in the sun with Dagan scooting over into the squareThanks for sharing your spot with me Simba. Let's take a nap together.
Simba stretched out and Dagan in his sliver of sun light next to her, head down and relaxed
Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to torture kitties

Dear Mr. Kitty,
Generally, I think you are a pretty cool guy. But, you messed with the wrong dog last weekend when you stalked me at my food bowl. So, I decided that it was time for some pay back. You know what they say about payback, right?? Something about a female dog - that's right! You know what I am talking about.

It was quite simple really. On Easter, everyone wants to see a cute picture of a dog in bunny ears, right??? So, I convinced Mom to go on a bunny ear search. Little did she know that I had a bigger plan in mind. The bunny ears were actually buried down in the depths of box I sent Mom to. (Cause seriously, what dog wants to be caught on camera in bunny ears?? Seriously people. Get a life!) On top of the box, was a cute little lobster costume. And guess who it was the perfect size for?? Let's just say, Char was about 20 pounds smaller than I am when she wore it for Halloween a couple years ago... That's right Mr. Kitty - it was a perfect fit for a certain 20 pound cat.
20 pounds of black cat covered in a small dog lobster costume - great crouch going onOh Mr. Kitty! You look so cute! I can hardly stand it! The way all those crustacean feet dangle around your body! The way the hood fits so perfectly over your little kitty ears. SO fabulous!
Mr. Lobster Kitty walking past Dagan, who is sniffing his lobster-ness
No Mr. Kitty, I am not laughing AT you! I am laughing WITH you! See - hahaha! So funny!

Simba's face, close up, eyes glowing with laughterSimba, on the other hand, thinks you have lost it and is, in fact, laughing her furry little butt off at you. Notice which kitty does not torture the young dogs in the house. That's right - the smart one!

So, Mr. Kitty, in the future, I would appreciate it if you can show me the respect that I deserve - the respect that all animals that are 40 pounds heavier than you deserve. Especially those that have the power to persuade the people in the house to fall into line with my master plans. You mind your business and I will mind mine.

Thanks for the consideration Mr. Lobster Kitty. And never forget what they say about payback!
Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Places I Sleep

It take a lot of sleep to keep me looking so cute and growing so big! I am always looking for new and comfy places to snooze! Of course, my bed is one of the mostest comfy places!
Dagan curled up on his folded up comforter bedAnother one of my favorite places is on the kitchen rug. That way, I won't miss my food! I can sleep there all day and all night, just to be sure that I don't miss some kibble!
Dagan in a down on the mat in front of the kitchen sinkSometimes, we hang out on the porch. The porch is a fun place to be. I can smell all sorts of goodness! I love smelling everything in the fields. Cow patties are some of my favorite smells! I would love to go run in the fields with them! I asked my dad, but he said no.
Dagan sitting on the porch, looking up at the camera
So, since I was stuck on the porch with the fam, I decided that I had just found another great place to sleep! So, I settled in for some rest.

Dagan lying down on the porchAll that sleeping makes a boy hungry though! I better get away from the computer and head back to my kitchen mat - where I will sleep until someone brings me some dinner!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. Yogi Kitty, we are no longer friends!

Mr Kitty and I both love our food. He wakes up early in the morning and starts begging for it. He meows and meows until someone fills his bowl. He is really impatient! He does it all again around bed time! He and Simba eat on our way to bed so that Mr Kitty will sleep through the night. I would get corrected for that, so I am not sure why he gets away with it! SO not fair!

So, the other night, I had been patient all day since breakfast waiting for my dinner. I dreamed about my kibble during my naps. While Mom was scooping from my food bin, I waited right where I am supposed to - on the mat by the sink. But, then Mr. Kitty waltzed in. He strutted right over to the food bin and looked in! Can you believe it?!?! I was gobsmacked! But, it only went downhill from there!

I sat and waited for Mom to add water to my food. I sat and waited for Mom to put my food down. I sat and waited for Mom to tell me it was OK to eat. I came tearing over with exuberance and excitement. Yippy! But, that's when it went down hill.
Dagan eating from his raised bowl with Mr. Kitty walking up to look at his bowlMr. Kitty came right over to see what I was doing (he'd been shoo'd off when Mom was scooping). That's bad, right?!?! But it got worse!
Dagan eating and Mr Kitty is sticking his head in the bowl to get some goodiesWhat the?!?! He started trying to EAT OUT OF MY BOWL! What a butthead! I had to eat faster to keep him from getting any! And all he did when Mom called him was sit back down.
Dagan eating with Mr Kitty sitting next to him looking innocently at the cameraLook! It's like he is saying "What? I'm not doing anything wrong." Really?!?! Aren't you Mr Kitty?!?! I think you are! You are bugging me! Go away! I am not happy with this situation!
Mr Kitty sitting on his window perchThat's right dude. Go back to where you belong! Sit on your perch and take in the sun! Stay away from my food! You are NO fun!!

Wags and Wiggles,