Thursday, April 15, 2010

New friends are fabulous!

Last Friday, Mom and I headed down to GDB after work. I was kinda surprised - it was totally empty when we were there! I was even more surprised that Mom got out of the car and LEFT me there! Can you believe that?!?! I SO could not! (Umm... Hello? Does she not know the GDB rule of no puppies left in cars unattended?? Some people think the rules only apply to other people!)

When I saw what she came out with, I decided that she can break the rules any time she wants to if she brings me what she did. A friend!! Being to sole dog in the house, I get a little lonely for my own kind (those cats are SO snobby!) Mom came out with a big 'ol black lab! Suddenly, my boring weekend was looking up!

Mom said that Nassau was coming over to visit for the weekend. I was totally stoked! Since traffic was going to stink (and not good stink - exhaust and waiting, rather than deer poo and other good rolling stuff stink!), Mom took Nassau and I over to my Aunt Stacy's house were we got to see LaniJo. Mom didn't take pics of all of us (she is such a slacker some times! But don't worry - there will be pictures soon! I'm hanging with those peeps all day soon).

The 2-foots took us 4-foots with them when they went to grab a quick dinner. They also dragged us yet another Starbucks - and you all know how much I just love Starbucks. Ugh! (And I might add that all the other 4-foots had also been fed. LaniJo ate when she got home from work. Nassau ate before he left the kennel. I was made to starve and wither until we got all the way home. Real fair Mom!)

After I was FINALLY fed (I really thought I was going to die before someone *coughMOMcough* remembered to feed me) Nassau and I got to play! SO exciting!

All my pics are below, but I can't do much describing today - I can't even tell Nassau and I apart when we are running like the wind! SO fun!! I showed Nassau all over my yard.
I showed him the high weeds out back (some are taller than me people! Give the people an acre and they think they can get away without mowing the whole thing!)

Two back labs in knee high grassI showed him the path that the deer like to take to the blackberry bushes (I know cause that's where the good stink leads me)

The black boys sniffing their way towards the fence and blackberriesAnd then we did some racing! I LOVE to race! It was fun to run run run with a friend (Nassau is WAY more fun to run with than Dad!)
Two black labs by a huge bush
The black boys zigging in opposite directionsThen, it was time to go in and Mom called us from the porch. Of course, being perfect gentlemen, we stopped what we were doing and came right away! Yea us!
The black boys running towards the camera
It was SO much fun to have Nassau here to visit with us! More pics to come later! I gotta go convince Mom to feed me some dinner before I starve!

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Yippee for Dagan! I agree, cats have their limitations--but Nassau looks like tons of fun. Cabana wants to come run around in your big yard, lucky duck, I mean, lucky dog.