Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. Yogi Kitty, we are no longer friends!

Mr Kitty and I both love our food. He wakes up early in the morning and starts begging for it. He meows and meows until someone fills his bowl. He is really impatient! He does it all again around bed time! He and Simba eat on our way to bed so that Mr Kitty will sleep through the night. I would get corrected for that, so I am not sure why he gets away with it! SO not fair!

So, the other night, I had been patient all day since breakfast waiting for my dinner. I dreamed about my kibble during my naps. While Mom was scooping from my food bin, I waited right where I am supposed to - on the mat by the sink. But, then Mr. Kitty waltzed in. He strutted right over to the food bin and looked in! Can you believe it?!?! I was gobsmacked! But, it only went downhill from there!

I sat and waited for Mom to add water to my food. I sat and waited for Mom to put my food down. I sat and waited for Mom to tell me it was OK to eat. I came tearing over with exuberance and excitement. Yippy! But, that's when it went down hill.
Dagan eating from his raised bowl with Mr. Kitty walking up to look at his bowlMr. Kitty came right over to see what I was doing (he'd been shoo'd off when Mom was scooping). That's bad, right?!?! But it got worse!
Dagan eating and Mr Kitty is sticking his head in the bowl to get some goodiesWhat the?!?! He started trying to EAT OUT OF MY BOWL! What a butthead! I had to eat faster to keep him from getting any! And all he did when Mom called him was sit back down.
Dagan eating with Mr Kitty sitting next to him looking innocently at the cameraLook! It's like he is saying "What? I'm not doing anything wrong." Really?!?! Aren't you Mr Kitty?!?! I think you are! You are bugging me! Go away! I am not happy with this situation!
Mr Kitty sitting on his window perchThat's right dude. Go back to where you belong! Sit on your perch and take in the sun! Stay away from my food! You are NO fun!!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. that is hilarious!
    - Jacquelyn George

  2. Very funny! I've never heard of a cat liking food so much.

    I love Dagan's collar tag with the pawprint.

  3. Thanks!

    Lauren, the tag is from PetSmarts new tag machine. Love it! :) And, my cat likes ALL food so much! He's taken a liking to dog food this week. His previous favorite was BBQ Pringles. Love him!