Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fish Fest Part 2

OK, so now that you know what Fish Fest is, now I'm gonna break out all the crazies! Fish Fest is a fun event for all people - but especially for people who like to people watch! There are tons of crazy dog people (not our kind of crazy dog people - the REAL crazies!), people dressed all weird and some odd folks in general. The guy below is real odd - I was sure what to make of him. He was short like me, with big eyes. He moved kinda all over the place. His name is Coastie, but I am not sure exactly what he is!
Coastie met my friend Tulani too. He tried to seek up behind Tulani and scare her, but our people were too quick for that Coastie!

Then there was this crazy guy. He wore funny clothes and he had a whole bunch of bear friends that followed him around. Let's just say, he had lots of spectators when he rolled by!
All those crazies sure wear a dog out! By the end of the day I was stinkin' tired! I spent the last couple hours, waiting for my friend Shawna to arrive like this:

It's hard being the only cute thing in the booth! The people that were there might want to be called cute, but really - who compares to me??

Wags and Wiggles,

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