Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Busy Week!

And another exciting week! I spent the days going to work with Mom or Dad. Both are ok, but not the most exciting part of my week (or egg-citing as people Mom works with would say - those egg people and their jokes! Makes me wish I could chew my own ears off!) Now that I have my big boy shots, I can start walking around the farm where Mom works. It is SO much fun - when it's not raining! Mom and I met some horses and a howling beagle on our walks. There were big tractors hauling manure out of the chicken houses. It is SO exciting to see all that activity!

On Friday, I got to go out to lunch with Mom's work friends. They went someplace where there was no food for me! SO wrong! Then, Mom, Dad and I hung out at home with the kitties after work. Mom and I got some serious cuddle time in! I LOVE cuddle time!

On Saturday, I went over to Margaret's house. She and her husband Jim are waiting for their own puppy, so I got to help break them in. I had SO much fun! They have another dog to visit with, a couple of cats, some goats and chickens! Wow! My head about exploded with all that excitement! I also got to take two good walks. By the time Saturday was done, I was SO sleepy!

Sunday, Mom and Dad picked me up from Margaret's house and we headed to Auntie Stacy's house. Her dog, LaniJo, is a guide dog - just like I am going to be when I grow up! It was so cool to watch what I am gonna do when I grown up. All 5 of us went to Trader Joe's (That's where I am in my picture) to fill up Auntie Stacy's freezer. I was SUCH a good boy! I had never been to Trader Joe's before! We went back to Auntie Stacy's house and hung out for a while, then went out to a booooooring place! It was a cool enough building, but then LaniJo and I had to sit under the table while the people ate! But, we were pretty stoked that no one stepped on us! That normally happens in restaurants! Black dog+low light+dark carpet = black dogs get stepped on! But, not tonight! And The Melting Pot made everyone SO happy that I'd be happy enough to go back.

After a trip home, dinner was consumed and I am now ready to crash! SO sleepy!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love food.

Video description: Dagan wolfing down his lunch in the back of the SUV (moments after he got SO excited about lunch that he launched himself with all his might into the back of the car - about a minute before I opened the door. Oops!) Dagan is eating out of a segmented bowl to help him slow down, but he makes great time consuming lunch.

Food is good. Can't live without it.

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Puppy? Or pin cushion??

Yikes! What a day! First, someone needs to talk to my Mom! Do you want to know what she did?!?! She FORGOT my lunch! Ummm... Hello?!?! Can you believe that?? I could not! I was SO upset about it! But, she gave me some cookies to tide me over. It wasn't good enough to me, but if Mom forgets, what else can I do??
Full head shot of Dagan's face, looking inquisitive about the camerThen, we took off to visit my friends at the vet. Did you know that they have cookies there too?? Yum! But, they tricked me with all those cookies! I am still in shock! It's not nice to trick people so blatantly! While Mom held a cookie right in front of my lips, the other people (who I thought were my friends!) stuck me with needles! Many times! Mom says it was because of my adventures with the rat poison at my old house. Something about making sure my blood works right again. So, they needed a LOT of blood all from one stick! I had to sit really really still - which I am not good at when I think my friends are around! First, it was one leg, then another and another and another! Then there was the neck! THREE times! Good-bye puppy, hello pin cushion! All those sticks left me feeling like a grumpy old man!
Dagan sitting on his bed, leaning back against the couch with his hips rolled under him and his post-dinner belly poking out, eyes shut chin tucked looking like a grumpy old man
But, the good news is that my blood is all fixed!! Yippy! No more pills (though they were kinda tasty - beef flavored! Yum!) Better than no more pills is that there will be no more sticks! Double yippy!!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm a Big Boy Now!

Ok, I know it's been a couple days since I updated you all. I've been very busy! But, something exciting has happened! Yesterday, after work, Mom and I went to visit another new vet (I've been to more than I can count already!) I don't like going in there much. I never know what is going to happen, so I was kinda nervous about the whole thing. First, I had to get weighed - I'm a hefty 36 pounds! Mom says that the bulk of that is my feet.

Then, if was off to the room. I had to have my temperature taken. Ugh. I hate that!! I tried to wiggle that thing out, but Mom and the tech had a good hold on me and wouldn't let me. Bummer! While we were waiting for Dr. Smith, I tried to hide under Mom's chair. I swear I used to be able to hide under chairs in the vet clinic! Not sure what happened! When Dr. Smith came in, she was real nice. She understood that I was kinda nervous and played with me and told me I am cute (duh!).

Then, she checked me out. She listened to my heart (that thing was cold!! Did not like it much!) and looked in my ears. She felt my belly and checked over some stuff from my last vet.

Then the needles came out. Not fun! I got TWO pokes! TWO! Not fair at all! My poor little butt will be sore for weeks! OK, maybe not. But, still! How rude!

But, there is a good part of this! Now, I'm a big boy!! I got my new Big Boy collar tag that says I am legal and safe to go anywhere! I can't wait to experience the world! SO excited!!

Today, I got to walk through the parking lot where the pet store is! Yippy! It was a bummer that I had gone to work with Dad and Mom went to the pet store without me! Bummer!! But, next time, I get to go! I get to go! And, I can go to the beach (though its so wet outside that I don't know why we need to go see more water!) Parks! Trails! Beaches! Fun fun fun!

Tomorrow, I'm off to visit Hallie! She's waiting for her new puppy and has to puppy sit for a few days before she is ready. I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I get home - or a couple days after! I think I come home on Monday, just in time for my next vet visit! Ugh! This time, it will be another stick for some blood work. Ewww! No fun!

Gotta pack for my weekend of fun!
Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gimme Kibble!!

OK, I know I am a Lab. And I know that Labs love to eat. But, I think I take the cake! Whenever we go into the kitchen, I seek out my bowl and just hope for it to be filled for me. I check it any chance I get - in fact, I may have to stop blogging to go check it out right now!
Dagan looking in his empty food bowl
Nope. Still empty. So sad. Maybe if I give them this face, someone will fill my bowl.
Dagan staring up at the camera with his empty bowl at his feetHold on! Here comes Dad! Maybe the face will work on him! (He's the sucker - I got that figured out already!)
Beggin' Dagan, empty bowl at his feet with John's feet next to him
Oh well. Maybe I'll just think about my last lunch. It was SO tasty that I couldn't help myself! At home, I eat out of a special bowl to slow me down. It's nice because it helps me savor the food. I get to enjoy it for like 5 whole minutes! But, in reality, I'd rather just suck it down and look for more! At lunch, I didn't have my eat slow bowl. So, I sucked it down! Yum!
Dagan looking at the camera with dog food wetness smeared all over his faceWhat do you mean I have something on my face?? Where? Can I reach it with my tongue?? I don't want to waste any tid bits!
Dagan licking the dog food off his faceHow's that? Better? Bummer that the meal is over! Can't wait for the next! Hey! I think I hear my food bowl moving! Gotta go! Labby loopin' all the way there!

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeting Kaitlyn

Wow! I wonder if every weekend is going to be like this one! Mom, Dad and I drove over to see Dad's family. First, we went to Jennifer's salon. Dad got his hair cut and put in a new fire extinguisher. Then, we went to Target - my first trip! What a place! I've never seen anything like it!
Dagan sitting in front of a large stack of soda boxes
After Target, we went to my Auntie Diana's house. My grandparents were there and my cousins Jennifer and Michael too! Michael's wife Chrissy and their baby Kaitlyn were all there too. So was Accord! Accord was fun, but we had to be good because Kaitlyn is just a little itty bitty baby!

Accord likes to sit at the door and watch people come and go.
Accord sitting looking out the front door
Kaitlyn is really good at giving high 5's. But I didn't get one. Kind of a bummer! Something about me being too wiggly and her being too little! Whatever! So she gave one to her Gigi instead (that's Dad's Mom). Jenn is a great auntie and takes lots of pictures of Kaitlyn.
16 month old Kaitlyn giving Gigi a high 5
Kaitlyn likes to eat ice cream. She's pretty messy though! Ummm...hello!?!? Why do you think you have a tongue kid?? Use it to save ALL that ice cream! Duh!
Kaitlyn with ice cream smeared on her faceI was a super good puppy all day long! I did everything I was asked to and took everything in stride! It was a lot of fun! I was glad to get a chance to sit and do nothing though. I was SO sleepy! I borrowed Accord's bed for a snooze.

Dagan curled up on Accord's bolster bed
Makes me tired just thinking about all that I did! I wonder what's in store for next weekend!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ticks are Icky!

Welp, I don't have much to say other than that! They knew I had them at my old house, but my Mom found new ones on me - ones that have been on me since before my move. It makes me sad. I think they need to pack up and take off (cause I'm not too fond of Mom using the tick spoon to make them go away! Not comfy!)

I'm heading to church with my family tomorrow - hopefully someone there will ask God to help me out here.

But, for today, we are in the car - we've been in the car so long, I think I'm going back to my old house! Mom and Dad say we are going to see Auntie Diana and her family (which I hear include Accord - a big black labbie!) I'm sure I'll more to fill you in on tomorrow!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Settling in

Ok, I think I get the whole blogging thing now. I read through Poppy's Poop Scoop - and even posted there! I've been to a friend's house with Mom and Dad, slept almost all the way through the night, gone to work, ran a couple errands and am now relaxing at home. What a first day!

But, here is what you have all really been waiting for! Pictures of my cuteness!
Dagan sitting on his down comforter/bed looking at the camera
I'm learning that being on tie-down is not the worst thing in the world. I have a cushy bed and there are always toys for me to play with.
Dagan chewing on his toys - a bone and a tug ring with his foot through the middle
I'm doing really well at sitting and waiting for my food. I will do ANYthing for food! It is the tastiest part of my day!
Dagan in an attentive sit with his best 'Please say OK' face
Mom and I went for a walk at lunch today. I got to meet Poppy's Lady Friends. They didn't like me much. I think they have something against my black fur! They took one look at me and went running off into the field! How rude!

And, I must admit, I am confused about one little thing. Mom keeps saying that I don't have paws! Huh?!!? She says that they are flippers. I know that they are big. I know that they are so big that I have to fling them out in front of me when I walk so that I don't trip on them. But, I still think they are paws. What do you think??
Dagan's big giant front paws
Ok, I'm a sleepy boy! I've done a lot today and I am ready to sleep! I promise to even try to sleep all the way until the alarm goes off in the morning! Hopefully, my bladder doesn't get in the way!

Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome Home!

I'm not sure if that is to you or to me! It has been quite the day! Yesterday, I woke up in one home. We drove to Guide Dogs (where I was born not all that long ago). I spent the night there and was starting to settle in. Then, some lady comes to get me and takes me to another place! The cats here have all sorts of things to tell me. They have a list of rules that is bordering on insane. And they have messages from Poppy. Who is Poppy?!?! I'm just a baby! This is all so confusing to me! I'm only a baby!

So, the big black cat told me that Poppy told him that I am supposed to be keeping a blog about all my adventures. But, I'm not even sure who Poppy is. What makes it more difficult is that the little stripey cat is telling me that I am supposed to continue updating Poppy's blog too! Umm... hello?!?! Is anyone else confused by this??

They told me to visit this place Poppy's Poop Scoop which seems to be this Poppy's blog. Time to read up and see what I can figure out! Hopefully, I will know more tomorrow! For now, all I know is that I am in a new home. With new people. And new cats. They have way too many rules for me to understand and they move way too fast for me! Hopefully, I will get the hang of all this soon! But, before I figure all that out, I think I need a nap!