Monday, June 28, 2010

9 Things at 9 Months

Happy 3/4th Birthday to me! I'm on time this month! I'm on time! Today is my 3 quarters Birthday! Mom has lots to say about me. It has been an exciting month! It seems like my 8 month post was yesterday and like it was years ago! Time is flying, but so packed full!

Here is my 9 things at 9 months!
1) I'm a good boy. I like to follow rules and I like to make people (especially Mom!) happy! I do my best to do what I am asked.

2) I love when Mom rubs me when I am lying down being good. Now that it is summer, she usually has flip flops on. When we are stopped and I am lying down being good, she frequently slips her shoes off and rubs me all over. It feels soooo good. Sometimes I can't help buy groan a little.

3) I have a most excellent down stay! I will stay for ever and ever. Even in crowds of people, I will down and stay while Mom walks where ever she needs to go. Sometimes, Dad can convince me to get up and gets me in trouble. But, most of the time, I stay until Mom gives me permission to get up.

4) Occasionally, I have been left on a down stay under the giant island in our church's kitchen. I've been known to pilfer communion wafers off the floor if any were dropped on the floor.

5) I have a new friend named Radar. He's just a little peanut of a dog. He doesn't like looking at cameras much, but he's cute. He's smaller than my cats! And he can run like the wind! He ran ran ran ran ran all over the yard! I was SO sleepy later that I almost had to be carried to the car.

6) I can take most any situation that these people throw at me. I'm confident and happy to go where ever. Not much scares me. (Hmm... Radar did scare me though! If I got to close to him, he'd scream like a girl - when I didn't even touch him! I thought I would get in trouble!) I'm easy to take in public and not much upsets me.

7) I still don't like my feet touched, though Mom continues to try to convince me that she is not trying to amputate my toes each time she touches my feet. Seriously! Have you talked to Mr Yogi Kitty?? He is MISSING a toe! That could happen to me, ya know?!?

8) I will never eat a box of 18 ear plugs again.

9) The list of people who want me to live with them is growing almost daily. Mom is thinking of throwing a party and having a silent auction if I decide not to be a guide dog.

Off to another great month! Vacation is coming! Visiting with friends (you better rest up Cabana!), lots of fun to be had before I hit 10 months.

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lukie has me covered

Two Sundays each month Mom teaches the kiddos at our church. Because the room is small and the toddlers can be a bit...ummm...crazy, I hang out in my travel crate in the alcove on week's when Dad is playing with the Worship Team.

One of my buddies is in Mom's class. We call him Lukie. Lukie is WAY fun! He likes to run and play. And he doesn't really like when his mom makes him go to Target either. Every week, Lukie says hi to me in my crate and pets me after class.

Yesterday, I got to hang with my Dad. Lukie asked about me when he got to class. Mom told him I was with my Dad, so Lukie went to play with the trains. His grandma told Mom that Lukie prays for me every night. He's just a little squirt though and doesn't remember my name, so he just thanks God for Church Dog (which makes sense cause he calls Mom Mrs. Church).

Thanks Lukie! There are days when I need you and God in my corner (like the day I ate the ear plugs. That was bad!)

Thanks for having my back Lukie!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fly Away Ears

A while back, while Mom's parents were visiting, we all went out to Bodega to see the ocean. It is such a windy place! It makes my ears flap all over the place. Dad and I posed for pictures.
Dagan and John sitting on a cliff overlooking the oceanBut, I wanted to take some on my own as well. See how my ears are flapping away?? It made things hard to hear!
Dagan along on the cliff, with his ears flying in the windThere are so many things to look at - birds flying by, seals playing in the water, waves, boats. So much entertainment for me! I really enjoy watching all the water happenings.
Dagan looking at the water, surrounded by a rope fence and flowersSuch a handsome boy!
Profile picture of Dagan's shiny black face looking at the waterGram wasn't so impressed with the wind. She says it made it hair look funny. What do you think?
Gram, back in the car, hair blown all to pieces

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pool Time!

It was HOT in Woodland last weekend! So so hot! At home, we've had rain and clouds and 60ish degree weather. Then, we do to Woodland and it was 98 degrees! I didn't even know it could get that hot! Mom's nephew Brian told me a great way to cool off. He is a water-loving boy!
Brian running down the slip-n-slide with Dagan's butt in the foregroundHe started out showing me the Slip-N-Slide, but I wasn't allowed to run and slide like the people were. Something about not liking to have my toe nails cut...
Brian walking down the slip-n-slide with John following him. Dagan standing back, looking on
Then, we decided to move on to the pool. Since I could get wet too, it sounded like a great idea to me!
Naked Brian in the kiddie pool with Dagan walking by looking at himBrian prefers to skinny dip, but I wasn't allowed to - my collar had to stay on! Then, he started to splash me!

Video description: naked 4 year old Brian kicking water out of the kiddie pool at Dagan. Dagan is not sure what to think and steps back at each splash.

I prefer to go in with my dad - he's way less splashy!
Dagan standing in the pool with John next to him playingAfter you get all wet, its time to hang out with friends and dry off. Granger and I enjoyed a nap under the table while the kid continued to play in water. I'm pretty sure that he is part fish!
Dagan getting ready to join Granger under the table, both covered with water spots

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Backyard Camping

Last weekend, we went to visit Mom's family in Woodland. There were lots of people and not a lot of house, so we packed up our tent and took it with us. I was really good at helping!
Dagan standing inside the porch area of the tent. The tarp floor is a little askewYup! Looks like you guys got the tent up ok! This floor could have been placed a little better, but overall, it will do. Good job guys! Now, I need a dip in the kiddie pool to cool off!
Dagan looking in the direction of the kiddie poolThat adventure will be another post! Let's try out the inside of the tent!
Dagan inside the tent amid a mess of sleeping bags and pillows. His tent crate in the backgroundLooks comfy to me! But, what's that crate doing in here?? I thought that camping was my excuse to sleep with you guys! Hmm... We'll have to do something about that situation! I have no doubt that I can convince them to let me sleep with them!

Next up - water fun with Brian!

Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Somone Stole My Bed

As bed time approaches tonight, I can't help but remember what has happened over the past couple weeks. First, Mom took me to Petsmart. I picked out a new bed - no fluff! It's all framey and slingy. Mom and I thought it might be nice for summer weather. But, the first time I stepped on it, it was kinda scary. Cause, after all, it is all framey and slingy. When I stepped up on it, the slinginess of it moves under my feet! I wasn't too sure about it, so Mom threw my blankie over it. Just when I started thinking about climbing up for a snooze, something happened! I couldn't believe it! I was shocked!
Simba and Yogi curled up together on the sling bed on top of the blanket with Dagan's Goughnut in between themUmmm... Excuse me cats?? Miss Simba? Mr Yogi Kitty? I thought that was my bed. Who gave you permission to curl up on it? What? You don't need permission?? Oh. OK.
Kitties asleep on the bed, with Dagan lying in front of the bed on the floor, looking down
Is it to your liking that I just lie next to the bed? Is that ok with you? I would really like to join you up there. But, quite frankly, you two sometimes scare the bejeezers out of me! So, I will settle her next to the bed and look sad. Maybe, if I pull it off well enough, you all will feel sorry for me and leave.
Dagan looking sadly at the camera. Yogi, still curled up on the bed is looking at him with a bit of whatever in his eyesUmm... the face isn't working?? What am I doing wrong? This face ALWAYS gets me what I want.

Sigh. Oh well. I guess I will just sleep on the floor.

Wags and Wiggles,

OK - Back in the swing of things

OK - With all of the Poppy graduation hoop-la, I took a break from my blog! But, I'm back! Now, I must catch you all up! I have done many exciting things over the past couple weeks. And only a few of them have to do with graduation!

I'm sort of loving summer - but it comes and goes! Hot one day, rain the next, cold the next. My coat has no idea if it should be shedding or growing! Looking forward to a summer full of fun and sun!

Wags and Wiggles,