Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pool Time!

It was HOT in Woodland last weekend! So so hot! At home, we've had rain and clouds and 60ish degree weather. Then, we do to Woodland and it was 98 degrees! I didn't even know it could get that hot! Mom's nephew Brian told me a great way to cool off. He is a water-loving boy!
Brian running down the slip-n-slide with Dagan's butt in the foregroundHe started out showing me the Slip-N-Slide, but I wasn't allowed to run and slide like the people were. Something about not liking to have my toe nails cut...
Brian walking down the slip-n-slide with John following him. Dagan standing back, looking on
Then, we decided to move on to the pool. Since I could get wet too, it sounded like a great idea to me!
Naked Brian in the kiddie pool with Dagan walking by looking at himBrian prefers to skinny dip, but I wasn't allowed to - my collar had to stay on! Then, he started to splash me!

Video description: naked 4 year old Brian kicking water out of the kiddie pool at Dagan. Dagan is not sure what to think and steps back at each splash.

I prefer to go in with my dad - he's way less splashy!
Dagan standing in the pool with John next to him playingAfter you get all wet, its time to hang out with friends and dry off. Granger and I enjoyed a nap under the table while the kid continued to play in water. I'm pretty sure that he is part fish!
Dagan getting ready to join Granger under the table, both covered with water spots


  1. Poor Dagan! He doesn't look like he likes splashing so much.

  2. It looks like the 4-year old energy outlasted the puppy energy! This post looks like future blackmail for your nephew!