Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Letter of Apology...

To Whom It May Concern,
I am deeply sorry that my friend Katra and I have been at it again. It seems that, when we are left alone together, we bounce ideas off one another until we come up with the best idea yet. I understand that you may disagree with my thinking on this. But, we have done playing. We have romped. We have tugged. We have spun in circles. But, as we grow up, we have felt like we need to expand our horizons. We've been chatting about it for a while. Raiding the crock was fun. Sorting the trash was even more fun. But, today was the best idea we have had yet.

Dagan standing behind Katra, who is sitting, both of their noses are caked with dried flour-glue, and their bodies are sprinkled with flour spots 10 pounds of flour makes a LOT of fun! First, we painted the pantry floor with it, then into the spare room and into the kitchen. Hey, we were nice enough to leave paw prints where ever we went so it was easy to see where cleaning was needed. Then there was the long jump competition - jumping across the bathroom floor (not leaving a single sprinkle of flour) onto the brown bath mat. Flour paw prints made it easy to see that I had won! Did you know that dog drool helps flour turn to glue?!?! Oh yeah, of course you do. You had to do the clean up. Sorry about that! But just think, now your carpet is vacuumed and almost all the hardwood in the house has been swept, scrubbed and steamed to a shiny clean. That wouldn't have happened today without our help, right??

I must admit, the whole thing was pretty tiring. (Especially that part when Katra and I got locked outside while the cleaning started). It took a lot of stamina to spread the flour all the way to the front door. Our paws are really quite small in comparison to the amount of floor we covered. It was good to be able to take a rest once all our handy work was taken care of.

Dagan zonked out on the throw rug with a stuffed broccoli under his tail
So, I am sorry that we got bored with the same old, same old and came up with a new way to have some fun. We will attempt to find an activity that requires less cleaning on your part next time. We promise.


PS That flour sits like a rock in the gut and makes it tough to get up and heft yourself out of the car. Thought you should know that, just in case you get a hankering to consume large quantities of flour.

Dagan lying down in the back of the SUV, with Foley sitting behind him ready to get out. Dagan is down and refusing to get up

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I cannot tell a lie...

The cat did it. We promise.

(Picture, Dagan and yellow lab Katra lying down with a giant pile of rubbish. Shredded paper, zip locks, napkins, and and and)

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

Mom! Make him stop copying me!
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