Thursday, October 28, 2010

13 Things at 13 Months

OK, I know! I know! A whole month has gone by without posting! Maybe now that the weather is cooling off, I will be less of a blog-slacker! (Don't get your hopes up though!) Mom suggested I do something different this month. She's tired of helping me think of more things about me that are normal. So, this month, we are doing:

13 Goofy Things at 13 months!

1. I am a complete ham! I LOVE being the center of attention.
2. But, not too early in the morning. If Dad leaves for work before 6 AM, I can't wake up to say good bye. After 6, I'm all wiggles!
3. I drool like a maniac when it is meal time.
4. When I play with my Jolly Ball, I like to hang on to the rope and fling my head back and forth so that the ball bounces off my head.
5. When watching the Giants on TV, I think any clapping Mom does is specifically for me. I jump up and come running to check her out. She's been clapping a lot since the WS started. I'm getting kinda tired.
6. A couple times a week, I find a bone that I MUST take to work with me. I will comply with "That's Enough" because I am a good boy. But, if it is at all possible, I will grab the toy again on the way out the door. It goes from house to car and from car to work.
7. My ears tell you all my secrets.
8. Sometimes, when I am greeting someone I know, I spin in so many circles trying to get my whole body rubbed that I make my self a bit dizzy.
9. Whenever I hear drums, I perk up and look for my Dad (he's a drummer). I get kinda confused when there are drums playing and I am sitting with me dad.
10. It hurts my feelings when my people friends walk by me without saying Hi. a) I specify people friends, because dog friends would never do that! and b) Refer to #7 on my list for further information.
11. If I am on my living room dog bed and hear people making noise, I will slyly open one eye to see if it is worth getting up and joining in. It often isn't.
12. I am jealous of cats. They sit in people's laps and take over my beds.
13. I've been told that I would be an excellent dog for commercials by more than one person. (Good to know I have a back up career if this guiding thing doesn't work out!)

OK, I promise not to make you wait another month to hear from me!

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's My Birthday, I'll cry if I want to...

Or not! I'm more of a pouter than a crier! I am a few days late, but I have been having trouble getting pictures to upload! So, I've given up putting you all off. I spent the week before my birthday with Brittany and her family for a puppy swap It was SO much fun! But, I was super glad to get home and see my favorite people for my special day. Most of the pups traded back at puppy class, but Mom and Brittany met to take me Birthday shopping before the meeting. So lucky! I got a giant new Nylabone. Love it! Then, at the meeting, once all the puppies had been swapped back to their raisers, we did some obedience. After obedience class, Mom said there was Birthday cake. SCORE! Sounds yummy! Wait... What?!?! No cake for ME!?!? Who's birthday is it anyway?!?!? Yeah. Thanks for the dog cookie.

Since I know you've all been waiting for it, I'll give you my 12 things at 12 months:

1) I ROCK school!! I went to high school with Brittany and Kerri takes me to college once a week.
2) I won over my cousin Lupe. She is my Uncle Steve's dog, who generally dislikes and grumps at the guide dog puppies. But, me, she likes! Score!
3) I respond VERY reliably to the "come" command. But, I have to work on it in more situations. You see, I have to turn that the shortest route is not always the best way to respond to "come." That is especially important if the shortest route includes jumping on the kitchen counter...
4) If you take ANYthing from a store, it is considered shoplifting. Even those plastic size things that go on hangers. Big lips are not supposed to be used for hiding such things. Eating them is the best way to hide the evidence - at least for a day or so.
5) I am gaining trust with my people in other people's homes. A little less leash is a good thing.
6) Mom says that I am doing fabulous on all my outings. I can go anywhere and not bat an eye lash.
7) I LOVE my people. I know who loves me and think that they are most fabulous!
8) I am doing better when other people handle me. Walking me, I respond better and I do less testing of newbies.
9) I am sleeping off tie-down without messing with anything.
10) I am SO happy to see my kitties when I have been away from them.
11) I love making eye contact with people. I prefer to look INTO them, rather than at them.
12) There is nothing better than cuddle time!

Happy Birthday to me! Looking forward to many more!
Wags and Wiggles,