Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drummin' With Dad

For Dad's Old Birthday, Mom and I got him a new drum set. He was pretty excited to open them on his Old Day!
John with a huge grin, holding one of his new drumsMom wasn't sure how I was going to react to the drums once they were all set up and making noise. But, she didn't have anything to worry about! When the drums got set up, Dad went and sat behind them. When he called me over, I went over to investigate after Mom assured me it would be OK.
Dagan looking at the camera, getting assurance that he can walk up to the drums
I got closer and closer as Dad called me over to him.
Dagan approaching the drum set
Dagan weaving between the cymbal standsIt was kinda hard to weave in and out of all those legs! I had to zig and zag to get around to Dad. Finally I got over there!

Dagan sitting the corner, barely seen by John behind the drum setDad and I hung out for a while, but I did left before he started actually playing the drums. It is fine to listen to. Nothing to be nervous about or anything. Not sure what Mom was worried about! It's all good!

I head Dad playing! I gotta go check it out!

Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to PAR-TAY!

So, I came home from my time with Auntie Melanie last Saturday and my house was in chaos! Chaos, I tell you! There were so many cars! I almost didn't know where I was! But, Mom heard that I had arrived and came out to meet us. We were having a party because Dad's old now. It was Dad's Old Party.

It was fun because there were so many people to tell me how cute I am and give me lots of rubs. Lots of dogs were there too - many of our family dogs were there to celebrate too.

Not only was it Dad's Old Party, it was Uncle Steven's Birthday too!
Gram lighting the candles on the cake with John and Stacy looking onGram lit the candles for their birthdays. But, then they had to blow them out fast because there were SO many candles! We didn't want the house to burn down!

Dad and Uncle Steven blowing out the candles
Then, they had to do some talking and patting each other on the back before we got to a point where there might be someone dropping some cake on the floor. My paws were crossed! My friend Lani Jo was there - her mom, Stacy is sitting right by the cake. When they were sitting down, Lani Jo tried to sneak a taste. She told me it smelled SO tasty! I was really hoping to get some in my mouth. Yummy! Yummy! In my tummy! Sadly, that did not happen. Such a bummer!
Steven and Dad making Birthday speechesWhile I was taking a break in my crate during the party, my cousin Brian came in to hang with me. He needed a time out too. He watched Little Einsteins. I watched the inside my eye lids.
4 year old Brian in bed surrounded by pillows and stuffed animalsBrian gathered all the Build-a-Bears in the house and snuggled in Mom and Dad's bed. He had Elroy the Elephant, Char the Giants bear, Pickle the puppy and the turtle. Poor turtle. No one remembers his name, but he has a super cute backpack!

OK, just talking about the party has me pooped! Time to squeeze in a nap!

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, March 29, 2010

St Patrick's Surprise

I thought I was involved in the big St. Paddy's Day surprise! After all, I hung with my Mom while she researched drum sets for Dad's big 4-0 (he was born 3/17). I helped Mom get the giant boxes in the house. I helped her wrap them. I helped her hide them. I got in trouble for the stupid stuffed dog sneaking a peak. But, I too got a surprise for St. Patrick's Day.
Close up of Dagan wearing a small leprechaun hat and looking disgustedDo not misread the look of udder disgust on my face. I am truly thinking this is the most stupid thing ever! Especially since it was 2 days BEFORE St. Patrick's Day! I was going on a puppy swap to Miss Melanie's house for the big day. But NO! Mom got me!
Dagan giving the camera the evil eye with his hat on
I posed on the porch. I tried to muster up a smile, but I just couldn't. How humiliated can a guy be?!?
Dagan in the yard, pawing the hat off his headThat's right hat! I will get rid of you! I will take you off and destroy you (unless Mom gets to you first!)
Dagan with his hat pinned to the ground, ready to rip it to shreds - sort of.That's better! Off and on the ground. Ha! Take that you stupid hat! Uh oh - Mom's coming! Looks like my destruction is over. Oh well. Let's hope I escape this in the future!

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I will not...

I will not roll in dead stuff ever again.
I will not roll in dead stuff ever again.
I will not roll in dead stuff ever again.
I will not roll in dead stuff ever again.
I will not roll in dead stuff ever again.

Not because it got me in trouble.
Not because it got me a bath.
Not because it got Mom all agitated about it.

But, because it made me smell really bad and I couldn't get away from it! I went rolling while Mom was re-screening the front door. When she caught me, I had to go on my front yard tie down. And I had to sit there and smell myself. It was gross. Nasty. Icky. Not fun. It made me drool.
Dagan in the yard with drool hanging out of the corners of his mouthJust a little at first. Then, I continued to drool and my glemmies grew.
Dagan sitting in the yard with his glemmies dripping down about 10 inches from his jowls
They got almost all the way to the ground! That's some great elasticity! Finally, I had enough and I wiped them on the ground.
Dagan bowing down to wipe the drool on the ground
Once the glemmies were gone and Mom was done fixing the screen, I got cleaned up. Talk about a rough day!

Wags and Wiggles,

6 Things at 6 Months

Holy smokes, I'm 6 months old today! It's my half birthday! I am still growing like a weed (says Mom - I personally think I am growing much like a labrador! I don't look anything like the weeds in the yard! And there are TONS of then to compare myself to - I don't look like a single one of them!) I am 53 pounds, have out grown another crate and another puppy coat.

So here's my list for Month 6:
1) Starbucks has finally become an OK place! I can snooze on my GTB mat, or I can just hang and chew on a bone.
2) I did WAY better than Mom anticipated with Dad's new drum set! I like rocking out with my dad!
3) I finally met Mom's family!! Gram and Papa and Auntie Susan, Uncle Andy and cousin Brian all came to visit. I think the dogs, Lester and Granger are pretty cool too!
4) I graduated to a LARGE puppy coat this month!!
5) I do NOT like when Mr. Kitty tries to eat out of my food bowl (Stinkin' cat has his OWN bowls!)
6)My sweet and gentle spirit is breaking hearts all over town!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Dagan...

Dear Dagan,
Since you are gone this week on a puppy swap, I thought I would write you a note. You are visiting your Auntie Melanie this week. We do this to help you learn that 1) the rules apply whatever house you are in and 2) that life goes on when you are away from us. I know you had to do a lot of adjusting and feeling people out when you got there. We are doing the same thing here with the puppy we are watching. It's hard to have a dog that doesn't know your routine. But, it is also hard to be away from the dog we love. I thought I would make you a list of some of the things I miss about you.

1) The way you wag your tail so hard that you hit yourself in the head.
2) The way you are so eager to eat that you wait for it for hours on end.
3) The way you have to cuddle each and every night. I love our cuddle time!
4) Your sweet spirit.
5) The way you mistake mannequins for people and wag at them in hopes that they will pet you.
6) Your "woowoowoowoowoowoo" of joy when you see me.

Can't wait to get your home sweet boy! Hope you are having fun with Auntie Mel!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The things I get blamed for...

So, I get blamed for things that I don't do. Sometimes, it is for something that has fallen off the coffee table. Sometimes, it is for things that have fallen off the coffee table and I innocently try to be helpful by bringing them to people. Sometimes, its Mr. Kitty's yowls of displeasure after he has provoked me into play bowing at him (is it really *my* fault that I land on him???)

Today these people have taken it to a new level! You should be appalled by this! Wait - you WILL be appalled by this! Put your seat belts on to help you maintain control through your outrage!

I am innocently wandering the house when I hear "DAGAN! What are you doing?!?!" But the "Dagan" Mom was looking at didn't respond... His head was under the blanket hiding Dad's birthday present (He turns OLD on Wednesday!) It was, in fact, NOT me Dagan! This is what Mom saw...
Big boxes covered by a blanket with a life sized stuffed Lab 'looking' under the blanket
When "I" didn't respond, Mom took a closer look and realized it was the STUFFED black lab! Ha! Mom, you are such a dork! Now, please apologize appropriately. That's right, keep the cookies coming! One cookie. Two cookie. I think I need a few more to fully accept your apology for blaming me for the actions of stuffed dog... Just look at this face! Do you think it looks like it would do anything as naughty as peaking at a Birthday present?!?! I think not! I am the picture of innocence!
Dagan sitting next to the peaking lab

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chill-axin' at my Grandparent's

Last weekend, Mom and Dad took me to visit Dad's parents. They live about 45 minutes away from us, so I got a good nap in on the way (that was my post church nap nap). I gotta get plenty of naps in during the the ya know! While we were there, I got to run around the yard (but they forgot to take pictures of that!) Then, it was time to settle in for another nap!

Good thing Mom brought my bed with me! First, I had to get my keys - need them to relax!
Dagan standing on his bed, picking up his keysThen, I sat and waited for my "Go To Bed" cookie. Yum! Love that game!
Dagan sitting on his Go To Bed matThen, it was time to down and wait for another kibble bit. Yum!
Dagan in a down on his matAwww! Perfection! I have my comfy bed and am getting kibble for staying there and I have my keys. Sounds like the perfect combination to be!
Dagan on his mat with his keysIn case you ever find yourself visiting my grandparents, there are dog cookies behind a special door in the kitchen. It's right by the fridge and down low so we can smell them really well! That's my favorite place to sit and wait!

Wags and Wiggles,

Friday, March 12, 2010

Restaurants are boring - mostly

Dagan lying on his blanket under a table with his keysI love food. Love it! I love eating it! I love smelling it! I love moving it around in my mouth. I LOVE food! What I don't love is going to restaurants with my people and NOT eating! How fair is that?!? They get food. They enjoy food. They linger over it. They talk and talk while eating. Me?!?! What do I get?? I sit on the floor. BORING!!
Dagan lying next to the table, looking up at the camera
But, the other day, we went to a restaurant that had something a little different. I'm not sure what his issue was, but he had ZERO interest in petting me! I'm not sure what his issue was or why everyone kept laughing at me when I gave him my best wiggle and wag, attempting to get him to pet me. Some people are just so icy!
Dagan sitting with the pirate statue at Pizza Pirate
All this talk about food has made me hungry! Maybe I can convince someone that I need some cookies!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Love Keys!

Dagan lying down with his Nylabone keys between his front legs
OK, I know that I am too old for baby toys, but I still love my keys! Mom lets me play with them because they are quiet in public places and because I am not tearing them up. Unlike Miss Poppy, I am NOT a hard chewer! So, I still play with some baby toys. My keys are my very favorite thing ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I like holding on to one key and swinging them around. I like chewing on the yellow one, then the blue one, then the red one.
Dagan lying down with his blue key in his mouth

I like putting my feet through the ring to hold them still. I like licking them and gnawing on their little nubbies. And, sometimes, they make a most excellent pillow!
Dagan taking a snooze with his keys under his head
Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fence Ettiquette

There are so many rules around this place to learn! Each time I think I have it all down, these people throw something new at me! It's kinda crazy!

So, the most recent lesson is learning how to let people through our gate without clobbering them. Personally, I think clobbering them is much more fun! But, what the people want, the people get. Sometimes, its hard to be the baby of the family.

Mom let me hang in the yard by myself while she and Dad were outside the fence doing something to the cars. I got to wander around and investigate.
But, when Mom calls, I come a running! I'm like a flash of lightening! Too fast to catch on camera!

I arrive at the gate in a flash and wait for her to open the gate so I can explode with excitement! Open. Open. Open. Open.

Mom told me that I had to be polite while she came in the fence. I had to sit and be good. I guess people don't think that muddy paws are as much fun as I think they are!
OK Mom, I'm sitting and being good. Can you come in and say hi now please? I miss you when you are away. Or, at least I miss you when you are away and there is not something more exciting to think about. Yippy! The gate is opening! Must. Control. My. Butt. It must stay on the ground to get pets from Mom. Come on butt! Work with me here!
Yes!! I did it! Mom got in gate and I get to say hello! Then, its off for another run before we head in the house! Thanks for the lesson Mom, I'm outta here!

Wags and Wiggles,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Resting up for the weekend!

Dagan curled up on his dog bedThe time to start is now! Weekends are always busy for us, so I need to start to rest up now so I have enough energy to make it through another weekend! Sleepy time!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dagan in the Dijon

So Mom has been talking about mustard since I first came home. Every time that Miss Mimi and Cabana had pictures of the wonderful yellow flowers, Mom started talking about it again. When I first came, I was too little to go see what this mustard stuff was. Mom kept saying she hoped it was still there when I had all my big dog shots and could go. Then, they kept mowing down the fields of mustard that were in a safe place to go for pictures. Cabana got pictures. But, then the field would get mowed. Mom loves this stuff, but lots of people thing that its a weed. It grows everywhere, but most places are next to roads with fast cars zooming by or on the other side of fences. Now, Mom is not opposed to jumping a fence, but barbed wire isn't all that inviting! But look how pretty it is!
A field of yellow flowers with a cloudy sky aboveMom had big dreams of mustard flowers all around my face. My big black head surrounded by yellow glory. Well, all I have to say is that it is a good thing she didn't find any sooner! That stuff is way taller than it looks when you are zooming by in the car! Mustard by my face?!?! Ha! Maybe if I had some nice stilts to stand on! Somehow, I don't think that stilts are a GDB-approved toy for me! So, we did what we could to get the pictures of Mom's dreams.
Dagan in a sea of green - the yellow flowers all about 18 inches over his headAnother shot of Dagan sitting below the flowersSee! WAY taller than me! People are always telling me how big I am - here I look like an itty bitty peanut next to the mustard!
Dagan with a bunch of yellow mustard flowers just in front if his faceTo get her so called "money shot" Mom had to step on the mustard to get it by my face. Nice Mom. Kill the plants to get your picture.
Getting up in the field of green and yellow, looking at the camera through the stems and flowersOK, can we be done now? This is not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be! And, really - this ground is kinda muddy and gushy under my bottom! You keep telling me "bottom on the ground! Bottom on the ground!" Let's try YOU putting YOUR bottom on the ground in this mush Mom! OK. Fine. One more picture in my puppy coat. Just for you Mom.
Dagan sitting up straight in the mustard field in his puppy coat, looking mighty adultThere? Happy now?? Wait! I kinda like that one! I look like a big dog there! How is it that a puppy coat can make me look so grown up?!? Maybe we can go back for some more pictures!

Wags and Wiggles,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Meetings are Boooooring!

Last Saturday, Mom and Dad had to go to a meeting at Guide Dogs. Meetings. Are. Boring. Mom and Dad's meeting was a Leader Meeting. When we got there, I thought it was going to be SO much fun!! There were lots of other puppies there! I thought we were going to play! I was WAY bummed when Mom said I had to sit under the table and be good. UGH! Who wants to do that in a room full of puppies??? Not me!

To pass the time faster, I took a nap:
Then, I woke up. Hey Mom, is it time to play yet? Or go? I'd be good with that too!
No?? Really?? We have been here all stinkin' day! You got lunch. I didn't. You got to talk to your friends. I didn't. What kind of gig is this?!? I think I'll go back to sleep!

Finally! Finally! The best moment of the day came and it was time to go home! Yippy! SO happy to get out from under the table! So happy to go home and play! So happy not be perfect! Wait?!?? What?!?! You want to go where?? Costco? Are you kidding me?!? Do I get a vote in this?? Yeah. I didn't think so. I never get a vote!

Wait! What are you doing?? Are you really bringing that home with us?? I've heard rumors about what Mr. Kitty will do to that (he is SO gross!) You are not kidding around are you? I hope not! That looks uber comfy! YES!!! It's coming home with us!
Now THAT is more like it! Comfy bed to chillax with on the car ride home! Can't wait to get it home and break it in! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Wags and Wiggles,