Friday, March 5, 2010

Meetings are Boooooring!

Last Saturday, Mom and Dad had to go to a meeting at Guide Dogs. Meetings. Are. Boring. Mom and Dad's meeting was a Leader Meeting. When we got there, I thought it was going to be SO much fun!! There were lots of other puppies there! I thought we were going to play! I was WAY bummed when Mom said I had to sit under the table and be good. UGH! Who wants to do that in a room full of puppies??? Not me!

To pass the time faster, I took a nap:
Then, I woke up. Hey Mom, is it time to play yet? Or go? I'd be good with that too!
No?? Really?? We have been here all stinkin' day! You got lunch. I didn't. You got to talk to your friends. I didn't. What kind of gig is this?!? I think I'll go back to sleep!

Finally! Finally! The best moment of the day came and it was time to go home! Yippy! SO happy to get out from under the table! So happy to go home and play! So happy not be perfect! Wait?!?? What?!?! You want to go where?? Costco? Are you kidding me?!? Do I get a vote in this?? Yeah. I didn't think so. I never get a vote!

Wait! What are you doing?? Are you really bringing that home with us?? I've heard rumors about what Mr. Kitty will do to that (he is SO gross!) You are not kidding around are you? I hope not! That looks uber comfy! YES!!! It's coming home with us!
Now THAT is more like it! Comfy bed to chillax with on the car ride home! Can't wait to get it home and break it in! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. we currently own 6 of those (hangs head in shame)because we double stack them to make a pretty pretty princess bed. We keep resisiting buying one of those expensive beds from fosters and smith, but have sent a small fortune anyway.

  2. Well, 6 is like the price of 1 Fosters and Smith bed, so it's all good! We would have more, but we have a cat who likes to pee on dog beds. I found a waterproof liner last week, so we are trying it. Waterproof liner is around the filling so only the outside has to be washed if Mr Kitty lets loose. Dang cat!

  3. Dagan is one lucky pup! That bed looks heavenly. We have 4 beds in our house, which we don't need. I think it's a great idea to keep one in the back of the car!