Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fence Ettiquette

There are so many rules around this place to learn! Each time I think I have it all down, these people throw something new at me! It's kinda crazy!

So, the most recent lesson is learning how to let people through our gate without clobbering them. Personally, I think clobbering them is much more fun! But, what the people want, the people get. Sometimes, its hard to be the baby of the family.

Mom let me hang in the yard by myself while she and Dad were outside the fence doing something to the cars. I got to wander around and investigate.
But, when Mom calls, I come a running! I'm like a flash of lightening! Too fast to catch on camera!

I arrive at the gate in a flash and wait for her to open the gate so I can explode with excitement! Open. Open. Open. Open.

Mom told me that I had to be polite while she came in the fence. I had to sit and be good. I guess people don't think that muddy paws are as much fun as I think they are!
OK Mom, I'm sitting and being good. Can you come in and say hi now please? I miss you when you are away. Or, at least I miss you when you are away and there is not something more exciting to think about. Yippy! The gate is opening! Must. Control. My. Butt. It must stay on the ground to get pets from Mom. Come on butt! Work with me here!
Yes!! I did it! Mom got in gate and I get to say hello! Then, its off for another run before we head in the house! Thanks for the lesson Mom, I'm outta here!

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. What a good boy Dagan is! Whenever I let Don out in the backyard for some playtime, he doesn't do anything but eat, eat, eat the grass and dirt :)

    He's so cute waiting for you at the fence, and doing a really good job controlling his excitement. I love your GDB puppy raising sign!