Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dagan in the Dijon

So Mom has been talking about mustard since I first came home. Every time that Miss Mimi and Cabana had pictures of the wonderful yellow flowers, Mom started talking about it again. When I first came, I was too little to go see what this mustard stuff was. Mom kept saying she hoped it was still there when I had all my big dog shots and could go. Then, they kept mowing down the fields of mustard that were in a safe place to go for pictures. Cabana got pictures. But, then the field would get mowed. Mom loves this stuff, but lots of people thing that its a weed. It grows everywhere, but most places are next to roads with fast cars zooming by or on the other side of fences. Now, Mom is not opposed to jumping a fence, but barbed wire isn't all that inviting! But look how pretty it is!
A field of yellow flowers with a cloudy sky aboveMom had big dreams of mustard flowers all around my face. My big black head surrounded by yellow glory. Well, all I have to say is that it is a good thing she didn't find any sooner! That stuff is way taller than it looks when you are zooming by in the car! Mustard by my face?!?! Ha! Maybe if I had some nice stilts to stand on! Somehow, I don't think that stilts are a GDB-approved toy for me! So, we did what we could to get the pictures of Mom's dreams.
Dagan in a sea of green - the yellow flowers all about 18 inches over his headAnother shot of Dagan sitting below the flowersSee! WAY taller than me! People are always telling me how big I am - here I look like an itty bitty peanut next to the mustard!
Dagan with a bunch of yellow mustard flowers just in front if his faceTo get her so called "money shot" Mom had to step on the mustard to get it by my face. Nice Mom. Kill the plants to get your picture.
Getting up in the field of green and yellow, looking at the camera through the stems and flowersOK, can we be done now? This is not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be! And, really - this ground is kinda muddy and gushy under my bottom! You keep telling me "bottom on the ground! Bottom on the ground!" Let's try YOU putting YOUR bottom on the ground in this mush Mom! OK. Fine. One more picture in my puppy coat. Just for you Mom.
Dagan sitting up straight in the mustard field in his puppy coat, looking mighty adultThere? Happy now?? Wait! I kinda like that one! I look like a big dog there! How is it that a puppy coat can make me look so grown up?!? Maybe we can go back for some more pictures!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Awe Dagan you are so big and beautiful! You sure are growing up fast!

  2. You look beautiful on your new pillow and in the mustard patch. But you’ll always look beautiful to me. We’ve missed your postings over the past week, but it’s hard when your mom has to work. Now that we know your mom loves mustard we’ll keep an eye out for mustard in our yard..I confess it usually ends up getting mowed.
    Annista says hello. She’s kind of tired because we went on a long hike. She is also a terrible typist and thinks I’m way to sentimental…except when she’s the object of sentimentality.

  3. It's true! The puppy coat makes Dagan look really grown up. I love the "money shot"! I hope you got to run around in it a little bit, Dagan, and not just have to sit on the mush the whole time!