Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Dagan...

Dear Dagan,
Since you are gone this week on a puppy swap, I thought I would write you a note. You are visiting your Auntie Melanie this week. We do this to help you learn that 1) the rules apply whatever house you are in and 2) that life goes on when you are away from us. I know you had to do a lot of adjusting and feeling people out when you got there. We are doing the same thing here with the puppy we are watching. It's hard to have a dog that doesn't know your routine. But, it is also hard to be away from the dog we love. I thought I would make you a list of some of the things I miss about you.

1) The way you wag your tail so hard that you hit yourself in the head.
2) The way you are so eager to eat that you wait for it for hours on end.
3) The way you have to cuddle each and every night. I love our cuddle time!
4) Your sweet spirit.
5) The way you mistake mannequins for people and wag at them in hopes that they will pet you.
6) Your "woowoowoowoowoowoo" of joy when you see me.

Can't wait to get your home sweet boy! Hope you are having fun with Auntie Mel!


  1. Okay, the mannequins thing is absolutely hysterical!!

  2. It is pretty amusing to watch! Especially when its a headless mannequin. He's always so hopeful!