Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 Things at 6 Months

Holy smokes, I'm 6 months old today! It's my half birthday! I am still growing like a weed (says Mom - I personally think I am growing much like a labrador! I don't look anything like the weeds in the yard! And there are TONS of then to compare myself to - I don't look like a single one of them!) I am 53 pounds, have out grown another crate and another puppy coat.

So here's my list for Month 6:
1) Starbucks has finally become an OK place! I can snooze on my GTB mat, or I can just hang and chew on a bone.
2) I did WAY better than Mom anticipated with Dad's new drum set! I like rocking out with my dad!
3) I finally met Mom's family!! Gram and Papa and Auntie Susan, Uncle Andy and cousin Brian all came to visit. I think the dogs, Lester and Granger are pretty cool too!
4) I graduated to a LARGE puppy coat this month!!
5) I do NOT like when Mr. Kitty tries to eat out of my food bowl (Stinkin' cat has his OWN bowls!)
6)My sweet and gentle spirit is breaking hearts all over town!


  1. We gave your blog an award! Check it out @ Pompei's Progress :)

    Erin & Pompei

  2. Man, it seems like you were just a little baby yesterday. Congrats on being six months!