Tuesday, May 25, 2010

8 things at 8 months - 3 days early

OK, since I was late last month and we have company coming in for Poppy's graduation, I thought I would get this done early this month.

I am SUCH a good boy! My Mom is so impressed with me! So, here are my 8 things:
1) I ROCK! and long down stays! On Saturday, we were helping with the food for a memorial service at our church. Mom had me "Go To Bed" under the kitchen island. I stayed there for-EVER!
2) I am getting better at ignoring food. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE food! But, I am more settled when it is around and I am not eating it. While we were there on Saturday, they put the ham right above me! Trays and trays full of it!
3) I am much happier going on outings. They don't stress me out as much as they used to - no more drool!
4) My Starbucks behavior is much much better! I can down and relax while Mom is there and working on the computer.
5) I am getting better with going on puppy swaps. I am much more settled and happier when I am away from my family. I have figured out that other people are fun too!
6) I am now sleeping free at night! No more tie-downs and no more crate. Just me and my dog bed.
7) I actually got to go to work with my Dad last week! It was so much fun! I hung out and was such a good boy! I even was great at ignoring Max the pug.
8) I'm just an all around good boy. Mom really doesn't have any complaints about me. She says I'm an easy boy and the perfect dog for new raisers to work with at our puppy meetings.

Here's to another great months!

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cow Conference

Last Sunday, when we got home from church and running errands, my cow friend told me that we needed to have a talk with the girls. She's usually pretty knowledgeable, so I decided to go check out what she needed to talk about.
Cow looking through the corral fencing at usShe told me that I needed to call them all in for a serious talk. She was pretty serious, so I thought I better jump on it in a hurry!
Close up of the brown cowOnly a few of the girls were in close, so I decided to see how well out Food Induced Recall as working. I said "Cows! Come!" They did. Good cows.
Video Description: The cows coming running towards the camera with some snorting in the background.

Love these girls! Once they were in close, we started with our little chat.
Dagan sitting in the breeze way above the cow corral, the cows watching himSome of the girls needed more of a pep talk than others. One even needed a kiss.
Dagan reaching out to kiss one of the cow nosesOnce we were done with our talk, I had to answer some questions. One cutie was full questions for me. She wanted to know all sorts of things. I thought she would never quit! But, since she's my buddy, I let it go.

Close up of a charcoal gray cow
Then I released them and told them to go and play. Some wandered away and some stayed to visit a little longer. I love these girls!
The cows milling in field

Friday, May 14, 2010

Antics with Accord

After all that girl time the last couple weeks, I needed some major guy time! For Mother's Day, we went to spend time with Dad's family. While that was all well and good, I was SO stoked that Accord was there! It was been a long time since we saw each other!

John with Accord and Dagan
Dad sat us down and talked about the rules. We had to be good. We couldn't play too rough. We had to listen. We were not allowed to eat anything off the ground. So many rules! Since it hard to remember all the rules, we decided to just run!

Dagan with a kong in his mouth chasing Accord and his flying earsWe ran around the yard. I kept my kong in my mouth as much as I could (so I could follow that rule about not putting things in my mouth). If I chased Accord real fast, his ears would fly in the wind! So fun!

Dagan running behind Accord, weaving through the outdoor furniture
Running through all the yard furniture made a great obstacle course. Zig! Zag! Dodge! Weave! So much fun!

Dagan walking with his kong in his mouthAfter a while, we started to slow down. Even though I was slow, I still held on to my kong! Couldn't let Accord get it away from me! But, after all that running, Accord and I needed a drink. It is always great to have a drinking buddy!
Video Description: Two Black Lab heads drinking out of the same bowl

Luckily, before we left, there was time for one last romp through the yard. Accord was tired, so he didn't run with me. I LOVE guy time!
Video description: Dagan being told to be careful as he steps over the pond, then running towards the camera.

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No, really - When I grow up...

OK, I was just kidding about working with my Dad when I grow up! I am still looking in to being a Guide Dog. I have lots of decisions left to make, but I am getting to know more about Guide Dog Life. I chat with my friend LaniJo regularly, but I got to meet another dog that is just finishing up Guide Dog training right now! He met his new partner last week and graduates on May 8th. Mom's friend Sara (sister to Auntie Stacy) is at Guide Dogs right now, with her new dog Tyler.
Sara and Tyler sitting on the floor in the dormsSara and Tyler get to hang out together all the time! Tyler says that Sara gives really good hugs. (Of course, I already know that! Auntie Sara gives such great hugs that I already give her my "woowoowoowoowoo" when I see her!)

Mom, Dad, Auntie Stacy, LaniJo and I all went to visit Auntie Sarie and Tyler last weekend. While I was there, I got to try out some of dorm life. I practiced hanging out on tie-down.
Dagan lying down at the extra tie-down in Sara's dorm roomI posed for pictures between two fabulous Guide Dog examples.
Tyler, Dagan and LaniJo lying in the grass together outside the Admin Building
I even tried out the dog shower. I don't think it is quite big enough though. It was really kinda confusing for me.
Dagan squished into the dog sink under the people sink in Sara's dorm roomThen, they all laughed at me. Turns out, it is not a dog shower! It is a dog sink for filling water bowls. All sane dogs know that we don't sit in sinks! This caused some laughter in the room.
Sara, head thrown back in laughter with Tyler lying belly up next to herUmm... Thanks Auntie Sara! At least Tyler wasn't laughing at me! I guess maybe I'm not grown up enough to be a guide dog yet. I know that I am as big as Tyler, but I still have lots of growing up to do and lots of life to figure out. For now, I will continue hanging with my 'rents. Playing with my Dad is still a pretty cool job!
Dagan lying in the grass, belly up and squirming around as John rubs his bellyYup! Keep the belly rubs coming until it's time to go off to college! That makes me a happy dog!

Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

When I grow up...

When I grow, I want to go to work with my Dad! He's a fun guy and I think he could use some help on the job. When I go to work with my Dad, I will start out with a little driving.
Dagan in a pair of safety glasses, sitting in the driver's seat of the Fire King SprinterI know I am wearing my safety glasses while driving, but something could happen you know - What if I say something funny and my Dad spews his Starbucks at me?? Without my safety glasses, I would have coffee in my eyes and that would make driving unsafe! Safety first!

Once I am done driving, I might need a nap - Bay Area driving is stressful! Luckily, the driver's seat is pretty comfy and I curl up real small!

Dagan curled up in the drivers seatThen, I'll have to load up in the back and get to work! This truck dealie is nifty - it holds lots and lots of stuff, so I can work where ever I am!
Dagan sitting in the cargo area of the sprinter truck
Safety glasses - Check!
Dagan in the back of the truck with his safety glasses onHard Hat - Check!
Dagan dumping the hard hat off his headOk, ditch the hard hat - that thing is the wrong shape for my head! I can't wear something that makes my ears look fat! Time to refill the extinguishers!
Dagan in the back of the truck with a fire extinguisherPhew! That was tough work! Now it's time to chill with my Dad.
Dagan and his Dad sitting in the back of the truckSounds like a good life to me! Especially if I get to be with my dad. We would have lots of fun together!

Or maybe not!

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

7 Things at 7 Months (plus 4 days)

Uh oh! I blew it! Oh maybe Mom blew it by not making a big enough deal of me turning 7 months! Here it is, 4 days after I hit 7 months and I am just now getting to my post!

It's been a great and busy month! Here's my list:

1) Being neutered is hard on the throat, as well as the other end! 7 days of antibiotics and I am on the mend!

2) Dog distractions are nothing! I rock at ignoring other dogs when we are out on walks and I make Mom really proud!

3) I did a great job of being left home alone, loose in the house for the first time!

4) Babies are hard when there is no leash and puppy coat! They smell SO good! But, even when they are older than me, they fall over very easily! That upsets them and that upsets me. I'm sorry Noah!

5) I should not pick pocket other people's bags. But, I'm not very sly when it comes to hiding things in my mouth, so Mom always knows. I spit things out as soon as I know she knows I have something. Pacifiers are less fun when you have to spit them out (Again - sorry Noah).

6) Having puppy friends over is WAY fun! I love to run run run and show them my yard!

7) Mom says I am a good good boy! She says I impress her every day with how well behaved I am! I love to make her happy!

Hopefully, next month I will not be late!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Girl Time!

Last Friday, Mom and I played hookie from work. It was great! Mom thought we would get to sleep in. I had different ideas! I'm a dog! What do I know about taking a day off?!? I get Saturdays - you can sleep in then. But, it was a FRIDAY Mom! Why would I think to sleep in??

After breakfast and hanging out at Starbucks for a while, Mom and I headed down to San Rafael. I thought we were going to Guide Dogs, but we drove right by! We ended up at my friend LaniJo's house! Yippy! I was so excited to see her! Her Mom was there too. And, I must admit, that I was a little confused over the other lady that was there. She looked just like LaniJo's mom, but it wasn't her! Mom said it was Auntie Stacy's sister Sara! Auntie Sara came to California to get her new guide dog. But, before that, we had to have a Girl's Day! Well, a girls + Dagan day! What boy wouldn't love to be a part of that? Plus, I love getting to know Auntie Sara!

Sara sitting on the couch with Dagan at his feet
LaniJo is helping me learn all sorts of guide dogly stuff! She is such a good influence on me! She told me that we were in for a long and boring dog day! Lots of being good was in store for us.

LaniJo in harness standing next to Dagan in his puppy coat. Dagan's tail is wagging so hard it is a blur
We started off by the people getting breakfast. LaniJo and I had to settle under the table and be good. I don't think that's totally fair, but whatever. After breakfast, we did some shopping. Again - boring for us dogs! Though, I do enjoy everyone telling me that I am 1) Super cute! and 2) SUCH a good boy! I never tire of hearing that!

After shopping and relaxing at Auntie Stacy's house, we went for pedicures. More sitting around and being good was in store for LaniJo and I. I did get to move around some. I spent part of my time with Auntie Sara and part of it with Mom.

Stacy and LaniJo at the nail salon
Sara and Dagan at the nail salon
After our pedicures, Dad joined us to go to dinner. I was SO happy to see Dad! I love my dad! But, I was also kinda bummed to have to share my girls with him. Before we left for people dinner, we had doggy dinner. Thank goodness they didn't forget us! The people had a great time at dinner - they laughed and laughed and laughed. LaniJo and I had a good nap canoodling under the table.

Sara and Stacy at dinner
Before Mom, Dad and I headed home, I had to say good bye to some of my favorite people! I like Auntie Stacy so much I even did my "woooowooowooowooo" talking to her. Of course, I slipped in as many kisses as I could too!

Stacy kneeling down and loving up Dagan with LaniJo looking on.
Then, we headed home! After all that excitement, I was super sleepy! I was glad to hop in my car and head home.
Sleepy Dagan in the back of the car
I was so sleepy, that the thought of sleeping in on Saturday was really exciting. But, guess what! Mom woke me up at normal work time! How bizarre is that?!?

Wags and Wiggles,