Sunday, May 2, 2010

7 Things at 7 Months (plus 4 days)

Uh oh! I blew it! Oh maybe Mom blew it by not making a big enough deal of me turning 7 months! Here it is, 4 days after I hit 7 months and I am just now getting to my post!

It's been a great and busy month! Here's my list:

1) Being neutered is hard on the throat, as well as the other end! 7 days of antibiotics and I am on the mend!

2) Dog distractions are nothing! I rock at ignoring other dogs when we are out on walks and I make Mom really proud!

3) I did a great job of being left home alone, loose in the house for the first time!

4) Babies are hard when there is no leash and puppy coat! They smell SO good! But, even when they are older than me, they fall over very easily! That upsets them and that upsets me. I'm sorry Noah!

5) I should not pick pocket other people's bags. But, I'm not very sly when it comes to hiding things in my mouth, so Mom always knows. I spit things out as soon as I know she knows I have something. Pacifiers are less fun when you have to spit them out (Again - sorry Noah).

6) Having puppy friends over is WAY fun! I love to run run run and show them my yard!

7) Mom says I am a good good boy! She says I impress her every day with how well behaved I am! I love to make her happy!

Hopefully, next month I will not be late!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Carol Eshleman (and Anista)May 5, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    What? No comments at your seven month post.
    Well we are big fans of your blog, but haven't commented for awhile. We are sorry neutering was such an ordeal. And we also think you are cute and good.

  2. We are glad you are enjoying Dagan's blog! I hope to have more time to keep it more up to date over the coming weeks! Hopefully, we can get Dagan and Mama Anista together again soon!