Tuesday, May 25, 2010

8 things at 8 months - 3 days early

OK, since I was late last month and we have company coming in for Poppy's graduation, I thought I would get this done early this month.

I am SUCH a good boy! My Mom is so impressed with me! So, here are my 8 things:
1) I ROCK! and long down stays! On Saturday, we were helping with the food for a memorial service at our church. Mom had me "Go To Bed" under the kitchen island. I stayed there for-EVER!
2) I am getting better at ignoring food. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE food! But, I am more settled when it is around and I am not eating it. While we were there on Saturday, they put the ham right above me! Trays and trays full of it!
3) I am much happier going on outings. They don't stress me out as much as they used to - no more drool!
4) My Starbucks behavior is much much better! I can down and relax while Mom is there and working on the computer.
5) I am getting better with going on puppy swaps. I am much more settled and happier when I am away from my family. I have figured out that other people are fun too!
6) I am now sleeping free at night! No more tie-downs and no more crate. Just me and my dog bed.
7) I actually got to go to work with my Dad last week! It was so much fun! I hung out and was such a good boy! I even was great at ignoring Max the pug.
8) I'm just an all around good boy. Mom really doesn't have any complaints about me. She says I'm an easy boy and the perfect dog for new raisers to work with at our puppy meetings.

Here's to another great months!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. What a good boy you are Dagan! You've gotten so big and handsome. Keep up the good work.

  2. Carol Eshleman, Annista's human momMay 25, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    I would love to meet Poppy, but I will be busy on Saturday. So you'll have to send pictures. You look so beautiful in your picture. It sounds like your mom could learn a few things from you. She doesn't seem interested in ignoring food.

  3. Dagan, I can't believe you're already 8 months old, and such a pro at everything! Your mom gets all the good ones. ;)