Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cow Conference

Last Sunday, when we got home from church and running errands, my cow friend told me that we needed to have a talk with the girls. She's usually pretty knowledgeable, so I decided to go check out what she needed to talk about.
Cow looking through the corral fencing at usShe told me that I needed to call them all in for a serious talk. She was pretty serious, so I thought I better jump on it in a hurry!
Close up of the brown cowOnly a few of the girls were in close, so I decided to see how well out Food Induced Recall as working. I said "Cows! Come!" They did. Good cows.
Video Description: The cows coming running towards the camera with some snorting in the background.

Love these girls! Once they were in close, we started with our little chat.
Dagan sitting in the breeze way above the cow corral, the cows watching himSome of the girls needed more of a pep talk than others. One even needed a kiss.
Dagan reaching out to kiss one of the cow nosesOnce we were done with our talk, I had to answer some questions. One cutie was full questions for me. She wanted to know all sorts of things. I thought she would never quit! But, since she's my buddy, I let it go.

Close up of a charcoal gray cow
Then I released them and told them to go and play. Some wandered away and some stayed to visit a little longer. I love these girls!
The cows milling in field

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