Saturday, May 8, 2010

No, really - When I grow up...

OK, I was just kidding about working with my Dad when I grow up! I am still looking in to being a Guide Dog. I have lots of decisions left to make, but I am getting to know more about Guide Dog Life. I chat with my friend LaniJo regularly, but I got to meet another dog that is just finishing up Guide Dog training right now! He met his new partner last week and graduates on May 8th. Mom's friend Sara (sister to Auntie Stacy) is at Guide Dogs right now, with her new dog Tyler.
Sara and Tyler sitting on the floor in the dormsSara and Tyler get to hang out together all the time! Tyler says that Sara gives really good hugs. (Of course, I already know that! Auntie Sara gives such great hugs that I already give her my "woowoowoowoowoo" when I see her!)

Mom, Dad, Auntie Stacy, LaniJo and I all went to visit Auntie Sarie and Tyler last weekend. While I was there, I got to try out some of dorm life. I practiced hanging out on tie-down.
Dagan lying down at the extra tie-down in Sara's dorm roomI posed for pictures between two fabulous Guide Dog examples.
Tyler, Dagan and LaniJo lying in the grass together outside the Admin Building
I even tried out the dog shower. I don't think it is quite big enough though. It was really kinda confusing for me.
Dagan squished into the dog sink under the people sink in Sara's dorm roomThen, they all laughed at me. Turns out, it is not a dog shower! It is a dog sink for filling water bowls. All sane dogs know that we don't sit in sinks! This caused some laughter in the room.
Sara, head thrown back in laughter with Tyler lying belly up next to herUmm... Thanks Auntie Sara! At least Tyler wasn't laughing at me! I guess maybe I'm not grown up enough to be a guide dog yet. I know that I am as big as Tyler, but I still have lots of growing up to do and lots of life to figure out. For now, I will continue hanging with my 'rents. Playing with my Dad is still a pretty cool job!
Dagan lying in the grass, belly up and squirming around as John rubs his bellyYup! Keep the belly rubs coming until it's time to go off to college! That makes me a happy dog!

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Dagan, I thought it was a doggie shower, too! I was wishing we had one of those. Hopefully, they weren't laughing at you too long!