Thursday, May 6, 2010

When I grow up...

When I grow, I want to go to work with my Dad! He's a fun guy and I think he could use some help on the job. When I go to work with my Dad, I will start out with a little driving.
Dagan in a pair of safety glasses, sitting in the driver's seat of the Fire King SprinterI know I am wearing my safety glasses while driving, but something could happen you know - What if I say something funny and my Dad spews his Starbucks at me?? Without my safety glasses, I would have coffee in my eyes and that would make driving unsafe! Safety first!

Once I am done driving, I might need a nap - Bay Area driving is stressful! Luckily, the driver's seat is pretty comfy and I curl up real small!

Dagan curled up in the drivers seatThen, I'll have to load up in the back and get to work! This truck dealie is nifty - it holds lots and lots of stuff, so I can work where ever I am!
Dagan sitting in the cargo area of the sprinter truck
Safety glasses - Check!
Dagan in the back of the truck with his safety glasses onHard Hat - Check!
Dagan dumping the hard hat off his headOk, ditch the hard hat - that thing is the wrong shape for my head! I can't wear something that makes my ears look fat! Time to refill the extinguishers!
Dagan in the back of the truck with a fire extinguisherPhew! That was tough work! Now it's time to chill with my Dad.
Dagan and his Dad sitting in the back of the truckSounds like a good life to me! Especially if I get to be with my dad. We would have lots of fun together!

Or maybe not!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. You are too cute, Dagan! You're going to be one busy dog when you grow up- both a guide and a truck driver! You've got big plans- keep up the good work.

    Those safety glasses are SO you. (no worries- the hardhat doesn't make your ears look fat) :) looks pretty cute, actually!

  2. That DOES look like a fun truck--but I won't be asking you for a ride anytime soon, Dagan. But I will say that you have a very bright future, which is probably why you have to wear those shades! :)

  3. Truffie says "cool glasses all my BFF does is work at a computer nothing fun about that"