Friday, May 14, 2010

Antics with Accord

After all that girl time the last couple weeks, I needed some major guy time! For Mother's Day, we went to spend time with Dad's family. While that was all well and good, I was SO stoked that Accord was there! It was been a long time since we saw each other!

John with Accord and Dagan
Dad sat us down and talked about the rules. We had to be good. We couldn't play too rough. We had to listen. We were not allowed to eat anything off the ground. So many rules! Since it hard to remember all the rules, we decided to just run!

Dagan with a kong in his mouth chasing Accord and his flying earsWe ran around the yard. I kept my kong in my mouth as much as I could (so I could follow that rule about not putting things in my mouth). If I chased Accord real fast, his ears would fly in the wind! So fun!

Dagan running behind Accord, weaving through the outdoor furniture
Running through all the yard furniture made a great obstacle course. Zig! Zag! Dodge! Weave! So much fun!

Dagan walking with his kong in his mouthAfter a while, we started to slow down. Even though I was slow, I still held on to my kong! Couldn't let Accord get it away from me! But, after all that running, Accord and I needed a drink. It is always great to have a drinking buddy!
Video Description: Two Black Lab heads drinking out of the same bowl

Luckily, before we left, there was time for one last romp through the yard. Accord was tired, so he didn't run with me. I LOVE guy time!
Video description: Dagan being told to be careful as he steps over the pond, then running towards the camera.

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. That looks like so much fun!
    Love the pictures :)

  2. Hello Accord! What a great yard you have to run around in. It's so nice to see that life as a spoiled pet is treating you well. But watch out, Dagan's going to be bigger than you in no time. I give it 2 weeks!