Saturday, May 1, 2010

Girl Time!

Last Friday, Mom and I played hookie from work. It was great! Mom thought we would get to sleep in. I had different ideas! I'm a dog! What do I know about taking a day off?!? I get Saturdays - you can sleep in then. But, it was a FRIDAY Mom! Why would I think to sleep in??

After breakfast and hanging out at Starbucks for a while, Mom and I headed down to San Rafael. I thought we were going to Guide Dogs, but we drove right by! We ended up at my friend LaniJo's house! Yippy! I was so excited to see her! Her Mom was there too. And, I must admit, that I was a little confused over the other lady that was there. She looked just like LaniJo's mom, but it wasn't her! Mom said it was Auntie Stacy's sister Sara! Auntie Sara came to California to get her new guide dog. But, before that, we had to have a Girl's Day! Well, a girls + Dagan day! What boy wouldn't love to be a part of that? Plus, I love getting to know Auntie Sara!

Sara sitting on the couch with Dagan at his feet
LaniJo is helping me learn all sorts of guide dogly stuff! She is such a good influence on me! She told me that we were in for a long and boring dog day! Lots of being good was in store for us.

LaniJo in harness standing next to Dagan in his puppy coat. Dagan's tail is wagging so hard it is a blur
We started off by the people getting breakfast. LaniJo and I had to settle under the table and be good. I don't think that's totally fair, but whatever. After breakfast, we did some shopping. Again - boring for us dogs! Though, I do enjoy everyone telling me that I am 1) Super cute! and 2) SUCH a good boy! I never tire of hearing that!

After shopping and relaxing at Auntie Stacy's house, we went for pedicures. More sitting around and being good was in store for LaniJo and I. I did get to move around some. I spent part of my time with Auntie Sara and part of it with Mom.

Stacy and LaniJo at the nail salon
Sara and Dagan at the nail salon
After our pedicures, Dad joined us to go to dinner. I was SO happy to see Dad! I love my dad! But, I was also kinda bummed to have to share my girls with him. Before we left for people dinner, we had doggy dinner. Thank goodness they didn't forget us! The people had a great time at dinner - they laughed and laughed and laughed. LaniJo and I had a good nap canoodling under the table.

Sara and Stacy at dinner
Before Mom, Dad and I headed home, I had to say good bye to some of my favorite people! I like Auntie Stacy so much I even did my "woooowooowooowooo" talking to her. Of course, I slipped in as many kisses as I could too!

Stacy kneeling down and loving up Dagan with LaniJo looking on.
Then, we headed home! After all that excitement, I was super sleepy! I was glad to hop in my car and head home.
Sleepy Dagan in the back of the car
I was so sleepy, that the thought of sleeping in on Saturday was really exciting. But, guess what! Mom woke me up at normal work time! How bizarre is that?!?

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun, Dagan! You are SO cute in that picture of you with your tail wagging.

  2. You were nice to share all that attention with LaniJo, Dagan. And you look like you're the same size! I bet there were a lot of interesting smells at the manicure place, but maybe they are smells you didn't like anyway. I'm glad you are being such a good boy for your mom.