Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jumping on board - 5 things at 5 months

OK, So I've been catching up on lots of blog reading. Did you know there are a bunch of people that bring up stuff every month on their month-day?? Welp, since today is my 5 month Birthday, I thought I would do it too. So, here are my 5 things at 5 months:

1) I am a good good boy. I like to please people by doing what they ask me to do.
2) I finally gave up my aversion to the "Down" command because of #1. I don't like it, but if it makes people happy, I will now do it.
3) I love love love love food! Because I love love love love food, I think that Go To Bed and FIR are the best things ever - or at least the best things right after breakfast and dinner.
4) I do NOT enjoy Starbucks (Yes, I am there again!)
5) I am a total and complete Mama's boy! Even if she just turns away from me, when she comes back, I explode with excitement. I like my Dad - he's a cool guy. But, he's just not Mom. *sigh* I love my Mama.

I wonder what the next month will bring! At 5 months, I am now in my big dog collar and almost in to a large puppy coat. I weigh 48 pounds and my feet still look gi-normous!

Wags and Wiggles,

Saturday, February 27, 2010


There are not many 4 month old puppies that can be trusted home alone for hours on end. But, I'm one of them! Not because I won't think to get into trouble, but because I will only think about food. I LOVE food! Last week, I decided that I wanted my dinner early - like several hours early. I tried to convince Mom or Dad to feed me early. I sat quietly on the kitchen rug where I eat. I was hoping that they wouldn't figure out that it was 2 hours before I am supposed to eat (and only 2 hours after my lunch - it was late! I couldn't have another meal late!) So, I waited. They tried to call me in to watch the Olympics with them, but I wasn't having it. I just tried to get them to follow me to the kitchen.

(Video Description: Dagan starts sitting on the kitchen rug. He is called into the family room. He runs like mad through the office an into the family room, where he promptly turns around and runs like mad back to the kitchen mat)

This is what happens when I eat - I wag wag wag wag the whole time I am eating. My front end is not exciting - I do my best to inhale my food as fast as possible. To keep me grounded during my eating adventure, I keep my tail going on and on and on.

(Video Description: Dagan eating - the rear view. As Dagan eats his lunch, his tail wags wags wags wags steadily. It slows as he concentrates to get a spare piece of kibble, the speed picks back up)

This is making me hungry! Maybe I can convince someone to feed me!
Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Starbucks again...

Dagan in a down on a thin blanket on the floor of Starbucks. He's not thrilled about it

And not excited about it! Mom goes for the fast internet, so she can post videos and pictures faster. She can download and upload faster. We live WAY out in cow country, so no fast internet out there! Mom gets coffee, I get a cold floor! She tried to make me happier today by getting me a new blanket before we came. But, um... hello?!?! She also bought me a brand new bag of dog food and didn't give me ANY of it before coming! How rude is that?!?! This blanket is worthless. Time to pout!

Dagan goes for a walk

This is how I roll - or walk. Whatever. Mom and I go for a walk most days at lunch. I probably should have taken pics of what is around us, rather than just me - but it is MY blog, right?? So, this is how I walk. Mom says I am a fabulous walker - I walk with a loose leash for the most part and I check in with Mom pretty regularly. I like to make sure she is still with me and is happy with what I am doing. Here I go!

(Video description: A video of Dagan's head walking along a cracked up road. He walks with a loose leash, but when it tightens up, he looks up over his shoulder to check in with his handler and returns to a better walking position)

Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bath Time!

Ok Ok OK! I know I promised to post these pics the other day, but I have been so busy growing that I lost track of time! Plus, there is tons of playing to do! And I LOVE to play! After we went to the beach on Saturday, it was time to go take a bath. I don't totally get it - I was just in the water at the beach! How is getting wet at the beach any different than getting wet in the tub?? Other than the fact that getting wet in the tub is WAY less fun!

It was a busy day at the Dog Wash! There was only one tub available when we got there. So, that's the one we used! There was a dog next to me with the longest ears I have ever seen! It was crazy! Mom called her a basset, but all I know is that I would LOVE her ears! I could carry around something to suck on all the time!

So, I walked up the steps of doom and got tied in to the tub. Ugh! Then, the dreaded hose got turned on. Spray! Spray! Spray! Did you know that the hose sprays shampoo?? The hose at home doesn't do that! I gave Mom my best "Can I get out now?" face, but it didn't work.
Damp Dagan in the tub, pulled to the end of the tie down looking at the camera over the edge of the tub, begging to get outAfter the hose stopped foaming at me, Dad started scrubbing my backside with the Zoom Groom. Now as fun as it sounds! There was no zooming, just grooming. My face wasn't excited about that.
Soggy Dagan getting zoom groomed in the tubThen came the hose again. Spray! Spray! Spray! This time it was all water. Mom was pretty happy that it was warm water this time. Ugh! Who cares about the temp, just stop spraying that at me! Maybe the face will work this time.
Dagan looking up at the camera from the tub with a pleading look on his faceIt worked! It worked! But, I was only excited for a minute. Getting towel dried was pretty fun! It got me all wiggly and excited. But, then the next step came. Once I got out of the tub, I got tied in to the top of the stairs. And that's when it all went down hill. The dryer came out. That stupid thing blows cold air at a wet dog! How silly is that?!? It was cold! My friend, Ears, got to leave and I tried to go with her, but Mom stopped me. Maybe if I close my eyes it will all be over quicker.
Dagan sitting on the platform with his eyes closed and his head slightly ducked
Didn't help. Ugh! Blow! Blow! Blow! My ears flapped, my tail got pushed around and my feet didn't get dry! These people would point it at the back of me and make my fur blow up in the air! Can you believe it!?!? Not fun! Mom said something about it getting my undercoat dry. Nope, it really just got my undercoat cold! OK people! Done now!
A Mostly dry Dagan sitting on the drying platform looking out towards the cameraOK, was it worth it?!? Am I beautiful now?? Somehow, I think I look the same, but smell different. Don't people know that dogs WANT to smell like dogs?!?! OH well! At least the dog wash is in a pet store. I got a new "Go To Bed" mat that I need to break it. It's black like me!

OK, time for dinner! Yummy!

Wags and Wiggles,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beach Fun!

What a fun weekend!! After Mom and Dad spent some time in the yard on Saturday, we headed for the beach! We started at an overlook on the cliffs. We watched the waves crash and the birds fly - my ears did a lot of flying too!
Dagan in his puppy coat on a cliff overlooking the oceanThen we hit the beach! It was a windy and cloudy day, but there was no rain! We got out of the car and Mom put my flexi leash on me. I knew I was in for something fun when that happened! I got in the sand and it felt so funny under my toes! I put my nose down for a sniff and that stuff covered my nose! Sand up the nose is no fun!
Dagan with his sand covered nose to the groundIt was still fun though! Then, we walked down towards the water. The water was kinda weird! It came and went! Came and went! I kinda felt like it was chasing me and I didn't know what to do about it. Finally, Dad went in with me!
Dagan in the wet sand getting ready to hit the water
If Dad will do it, it can't be that bad, right?? So, I thought I would put my toes in a little further.
Dagan in the water toe deepIt was fun to run and splash around! I like to jump over the white stuff and run through the water. Mom said I was SO SO good!! We did lots of practice with FIR. Each time Mom called, I came running! I even came when we were surrounded by seagulls. SO good! And I came when there were other dogs around too! I am SO proud of myself!
Dagan sitting in front of the camera, looking up with his cute sandy face, one ear flipped backwards
Yes? You called Mom?? I came! Good boy! Good boy! What do you mean I look like I need a bath??

Off to the bath! Pictures of that tomorrow!

Wags and Wiggles,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mama's Boy

Ok! Here are the pictures that I promised to post! Dog-MA and I really just wanted to run and play, but Mom kept wanting us to sit still and take pictures. Lots of pictures! She tried and tried to get me to sit next to Dog-MA for pics, but it is SO hard to sit still when my tail is wagging so hard that my butt can't stop moving! Here's the pics that Mom managed to get.

We hung out on the deck (though I did keep trying to escape into the house - of course I remember where the kitchen is! Food is there!)

The dogs on the deck Dagan on the left, Anista on the right, looking at the camera
On the deck, Anista sitting in the foreground, Dagan behind her
Dog-MA followed me around in the yard and got a little personal! I think she was checking to make sure I am keeping up with the hygiene she taught me!
The dogs on the grass, Anista shaking Dagan's hand in her doggy way

Kitchen! Sweet kitchen! My favorite room in the house! Yummy stuff happens in this room!
Dagan sitting behind Anista in the kitchen
It's kinda hard to see, but I look a lot like Dog-MA. I totally got my forehead from her! But, I have my Dad's eyes - dark chocolate brown, rather than MA's caramel. I also have WAY more jowl and loose skin than she does. But, we are both SO cute! One last close up of Ma!
Close up of Anista looking right up into the camera
Wags and Wiggles,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dagan visits Anista

Guess what! Guess what! Mom and I went on an adventure today after work! We drove all over the place and ended up at a house. I kinda recognized it, but I was a little fuzzy about it all. Then! Then! Such excitement! My Dog-MA came out to say hello! I have missed my Dog-MA SO much! We had a great time playing and hanging out together! And, my litter raisers were there too! Carol and Alan were SO much fun when I was a baby! They took such good care of me (and let me sit in laps!)

Do you think we look alike?
(Video description: Dagan and Anista sitting side by side, waiting for Alan to give them kibble, tails wagging)

Dog-MA and I got to run and play too. It was sorta like the old days, but I think I was friskier than MA remembered!

(Video description: Dagan and Anista running around the deck, talking to each other, zigging and zagging)

I will post more pictures of my visit with Dog-MA soon!

Wags and Wiggles,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


John modeling our Born To Lead Hoody Sweatshirt

Dagan is too busy snoring to write this one, so it's up to me! Mimi posted that Friday is International Wear Your Puppy Raising Shirt Day on Friday, February 19, 2010. All shirts can be ordered through Dagan's mom! You can email me at pup 4 gdb @ gmail . com

Quantities of sweatshirts are quite limited, so act soon!

Dagan will be back with a post soon!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exciting Day! Graduations and old friends!

Despite it being a Saturday, I decided I would try to get my breakfast at my normal time. Why are parents so much grumpier on Saturday mornings?? They kept telling me that dogs that whine don't get to eat at all! Huh?!? That scared me! I LOVE to whine for my meals! I decided I better shut my kibble hole before they decided not to feed me again!

Once we got my food situation worked out, Mom told me that we were going to Guide Dogs to see Hamlin graduate. I'm not quite sure what she was talking about. She told me it is where I started my life, but I think she was just a little bit crazy.

I didn't see much while I was there - just a bunch of people not looking at me. Not petting me. Not paying me one bit of attention! It wasn't all that exciting for me.
Dagan's view of graduation - the backs of people sitting in chairs with the stage off in the distance

Hamlin was pretty fun though - I think he and I could have had a good romp! But, he had his working clothes on and couldn't have much fun. Bummer!
A head shot of Hamlin, a yellow lab, looking up at his raiser

It was pretty exciting that I got to sit with Cabana! She's a super fun girl! She asked me if I can "Taco" my tongue like she can. See the curl?? SO cool!
Cabana looking at the camera, her tongue out and curled up

I tried and tried and tried! I think I got it! What do you think? Did I get my tongue to "Taco?" Cabana says that only super special girls get to do it. Maybe it's a girl thing. Whatever!
Dagan looking at the camera, smiling with his tongue just behind his top teeth, but no Taco Tongue sticking out
Then, Mom figured out why I was confused about her saying I started my life at GDB! A woman came over to pet me (Yippy!! LOVE pets!) She asked my name and was excited to hear that I am Dagan! She is my dog-mom's person mom! My mom's name is Anista, so that would make Carol my Grandma, right? I have two of those already, but they are WAY fun, so I'll take another! My brothers, sisters and I all grew up at my Grandma's house! We didn't live at GDB! She told my Mom all about me as a baby! She said I was super cuddly (Mom could have guessed that! I'm sitting in her lap writing this!) She also told Mom about my brothers and sisters! I have 2 sisters: Danielle (B) and Deli (Y). I have 3 brothers Dempsey (B), Duvall (Y) and Django (B).

It was SO much fun getting to see her again! She and Mom are talking about me getting to see my Dog-Ma again! I'd love to see her and see if she recognizes me! I can't wait!

After we said goodbye to everyone, Mom and Dad took me to the mall nearby. That was pretty boring! And there was a LOT of gum in the planters where I was trying to do my business! It is SO hard to be good and not pick up gum! After that, Mom and Dad grabbed some grub at Panera Bread. I know that place. I've been there before. So, I chillaxed (Like my new word?? I learned it at graduation today!) and took a nap since they weren't throwing any of my food around.
Dagan zonked under the table

Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ummm...Excuse me...

Dagan sitting in front of the laptop, waiting for his turn

Hey Mom, you think you can stop surfing and give me a chance please?? I'd like to update my blog tonight. Puh-lease?!?! Hurry up! I'm waiting!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Muggin' for Pics

Mom, Dad and I went to visit Dad's parents on Sunday. Before the Super Bowl, we had to go downtown to take some pictures. I was pretty bummed that my 2-foots felt it prudent to put off the start of the Super Bowl, but they have the car keys. Dad is a nut about taking pictures - especially at this spot! 'Turn right. Turn left. Look over here..." ugh! Enough already! Which is my better side?
Handsome Dagan sitting on a ledge over looking the ocean with a blue fence behind him. Sun shining on his black fur
How's this side? See how the sun shines on my fur? Truthfully, I think this angle makes me look a bit old... Not the youthful 4 month old that I am! I look at least 6 months old here!

Dagans' left side - ears cock-eyed and flying out from his head in the wind
How about this side?? Looking in this direction makes my ears flap in the breeze. Kinda cool, but kinda dorky looking. My head looks way too little for my ears!

Dagan still on the ledge with the great background and a huge gape mouthed yawn, tongue flapping out

Enough is enough! I'm done! All I have left for you is this! But, you must admit, it's just about the cutest tongue you have ever seen. Right?

Now, bring on the Super Bowl! I'm hungry! I TOTALLY need a super bowl of food! I'll take kibble please, topped off with a little hot water. What? Huh? What do you mean that's not the type of bowl everyone keeps talking about?? What other type of bowl is there?? What the heck is football?? I don't get it! If there is no kibble involved, I'm out! Time to saw some logs!

Dagan curled up in a red blanket, on top of his feather bed, sleepy eyes at half mast border=
Wags and Wiggles,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My Mom cheated on me tonight. I'm heart broken. The day Mom picked me up, I got to go to Life Group with them. But, ever since, Mom and Dad take it as a no-dog night and leave me at home. Not a biggie. I deal. I hang with the cats - ok, maybe "hang" isn't the right word. I sit in my crate and they taunt me with their freedom. But tonight... Tonight! Mom came home smelling like another dog! Something little. And younger than me. Seriously?!? How fair is that?!?

Mom said that her friends just got a new puppy. Her name is Daisy and she is 9 weeks old. And the pup just sprung right onto Mom's lap. She hung out there for a while and took a nap! Mom says she is part beagle and part fox terrier - and she said that Daisy is super cute! I'm REALLY insulted now!

I'm thinking that tomorrow, when Mom takes me off tie down and says it is time to go to work, I will run and jump on to her bed and snuggle down into the down comforter again. I tried it today, but Mom pulled me out and took me to work. Tomorrow, I need to run faster and snuggle deeper. Especially since Mom will be ready for my new trick now! If I'm fast enough, maybe she won't be able to find me and drag me off to the booooooooooring office!

Wags and Wiggles,