Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ummm...Excuse me...

Dagan sitting in front of the laptop, waiting for his turn

Hey Mom, you think you can stop surfing and give me a chance please?? I'd like to update my blog tonight. Puh-lease?!?! Hurry up! I'm waiting!


  1. Good to see that Dagan--after a not-so-great detour--has found his way to a nice home. We raised Dagan from birth until Thanksgiving Day 2009 when he left our home. You can see videos of Dagan and his littermates on You Tube. Here's a link to one of the videos:
    You can find links to the others when you go to You tube.

  2. I was so glad I went to GDB graduation today and who should I sit next to but Dagan. I was sorry to hear that you had some trouble between leaving our house and getting a new home. I’m glad to be reading your blog and your mom smelled you when I got home. And when I speak of your mom I mean Annista the breeder dog. We hope you will come and visit, or we can visit you.