Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dagan visits Anista

Guess what! Guess what! Mom and I went on an adventure today after work! We drove all over the place and ended up at a house. I kinda recognized it, but I was a little fuzzy about it all. Then! Then! Such excitement! My Dog-MA came out to say hello! I have missed my Dog-MA SO much! We had a great time playing and hanging out together! And, my litter raisers were there too! Carol and Alan were SO much fun when I was a baby! They took such good care of me (and let me sit in laps!)

Do you think we look alike?
(Video description: Dagan and Anista sitting side by side, waiting for Alan to give them kibble, tails wagging)

Dog-MA and I got to run and play too. It was sorta like the old days, but I think I was friskier than MA remembered!

(Video description: Dagan and Anista running around the deck, talking to each other, zigging and zagging)

I will post more pictures of my visit with Dog-MA soon!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, Dagan! You are a lucky pup to be able
    to meet your dog mom. You guys look a lot alike.

  2. Dagan
    You have grown so big. You were a little bit of a pest, but I really love having visitor’s. Couldn’t you tell by the way I greeted you? I hope to see you again.

  3. They even waggle their tails the same way!! That is so sweet, makes me want to cry!! Waa.