Saturday, February 27, 2010


There are not many 4 month old puppies that can be trusted home alone for hours on end. But, I'm one of them! Not because I won't think to get into trouble, but because I will only think about food. I LOVE food! Last week, I decided that I wanted my dinner early - like several hours early. I tried to convince Mom or Dad to feed me early. I sat quietly on the kitchen rug where I eat. I was hoping that they wouldn't figure out that it was 2 hours before I am supposed to eat (and only 2 hours after my lunch - it was late! I couldn't have another meal late!) So, I waited. They tried to call me in to watch the Olympics with them, but I wasn't having it. I just tried to get them to follow me to the kitchen.

(Video Description: Dagan starts sitting on the kitchen rug. He is called into the family room. He runs like mad through the office an into the family room, where he promptly turns around and runs like mad back to the kitchen mat)

This is what happens when I eat - I wag wag wag wag the whole time I am eating. My front end is not exciting - I do my best to inhale my food as fast as possible. To keep me grounded during my eating adventure, I keep my tail going on and on and on.

(Video Description: Dagan eating - the rear view. As Dagan eats his lunch, his tail wags wags wags wags steadily. It slows as he concentrates to get a spare piece of kibble, the speed picks back up)

This is making me hungry! Maybe I can convince someone to feed me!
Wags and Wiggles,

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