Monday, February 8, 2010

Muggin' for Pics

Mom, Dad and I went to visit Dad's parents on Sunday. Before the Super Bowl, we had to go downtown to take some pictures. I was pretty bummed that my 2-foots felt it prudent to put off the start of the Super Bowl, but they have the car keys. Dad is a nut about taking pictures - especially at this spot! 'Turn right. Turn left. Look over here..." ugh! Enough already! Which is my better side?
Handsome Dagan sitting on a ledge over looking the ocean with a blue fence behind him. Sun shining on his black fur
How's this side? See how the sun shines on my fur? Truthfully, I think this angle makes me look a bit old... Not the youthful 4 month old that I am! I look at least 6 months old here!

Dagans' left side - ears cock-eyed and flying out from his head in the wind
How about this side?? Looking in this direction makes my ears flap in the breeze. Kinda cool, but kinda dorky looking. My head looks way too little for my ears!

Dagan still on the ledge with the great background and a huge gape mouthed yawn, tongue flapping out

Enough is enough! I'm done! All I have left for you is this! But, you must admit, it's just about the cutest tongue you have ever seen. Right?

Now, bring on the Super Bowl! I'm hungry! I TOTALLY need a super bowl of food! I'll take kibble please, topped off with a little hot water. What? Huh? What do you mean that's not the type of bowl everyone keeps talking about?? What other type of bowl is there?? What the heck is football?? I don't get it! If there is no kibble involved, I'm out! Time to saw some logs!

Dagan curled up in a red blanket, on top of his feather bed, sleepy eyes at half mast border=
Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. don't grow up too fast. You're so tall for only 4 months. Must be all that kibble.