Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bath Time!

Ok Ok OK! I know I promised to post these pics the other day, but I have been so busy growing that I lost track of time! Plus, there is tons of playing to do! And I LOVE to play! After we went to the beach on Saturday, it was time to go take a bath. I don't totally get it - I was just in the water at the beach! How is getting wet at the beach any different than getting wet in the tub?? Other than the fact that getting wet in the tub is WAY less fun!

It was a busy day at the Dog Wash! There was only one tub available when we got there. So, that's the one we used! There was a dog next to me with the longest ears I have ever seen! It was crazy! Mom called her a basset, but all I know is that I would LOVE her ears! I could carry around something to suck on all the time!

So, I walked up the steps of doom and got tied in to the tub. Ugh! Then, the dreaded hose got turned on. Spray! Spray! Spray! Did you know that the hose sprays shampoo?? The hose at home doesn't do that! I gave Mom my best "Can I get out now?" face, but it didn't work.
Damp Dagan in the tub, pulled to the end of the tie down looking at the camera over the edge of the tub, begging to get outAfter the hose stopped foaming at me, Dad started scrubbing my backside with the Zoom Groom. Now as fun as it sounds! There was no zooming, just grooming. My face wasn't excited about that.
Soggy Dagan getting zoom groomed in the tubThen came the hose again. Spray! Spray! Spray! This time it was all water. Mom was pretty happy that it was warm water this time. Ugh! Who cares about the temp, just stop spraying that at me! Maybe the face will work this time.
Dagan looking up at the camera from the tub with a pleading look on his faceIt worked! It worked! But, I was only excited for a minute. Getting towel dried was pretty fun! It got me all wiggly and excited. But, then the next step came. Once I got out of the tub, I got tied in to the top of the stairs. And that's when it all went down hill. The dryer came out. That stupid thing blows cold air at a wet dog! How silly is that?!? It was cold! My friend, Ears, got to leave and I tried to go with her, but Mom stopped me. Maybe if I close my eyes it will all be over quicker.
Dagan sitting on the platform with his eyes closed and his head slightly ducked
Didn't help. Ugh! Blow! Blow! Blow! My ears flapped, my tail got pushed around and my feet didn't get dry! These people would point it at the back of me and make my fur blow up in the air! Can you believe it!?!? Not fun! Mom said something about it getting my undercoat dry. Nope, it really just got my undercoat cold! OK people! Done now!
A Mostly dry Dagan sitting on the drying platform looking out towards the cameraOK, was it worth it?!? Am I beautiful now?? Somehow, I think I look the same, but smell different. Don't people know that dogs WANT to smell like dogs?!?! OH well! At least the dog wash is in a pet store. I got a new "Go To Bed" mat that I need to break it. It's black like me!

OK, time for dinner! Yummy!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Dagan, you have long ears and long legs. How did you get so lucky?

    How much does it cost to use that dog bath station? I keep thinking about going there with Cabana.

  2. Dagan I have to say you are one handsome fellow! :)

  3. Mimi, it is $15 per bath or you can buy 3 and get one free. If we are lucky, sometimes the little green coat gets us a free bath, but not this time. We buy them one at a time right now, but will buy in bulk once the Hearing Dog Program has their fund raiser set up.