Friday, February 19, 2010

Mama's Boy

Ok! Here are the pictures that I promised to post! Dog-MA and I really just wanted to run and play, but Mom kept wanting us to sit still and take pictures. Lots of pictures! She tried and tried to get me to sit next to Dog-MA for pics, but it is SO hard to sit still when my tail is wagging so hard that my butt can't stop moving! Here's the pics that Mom managed to get.

We hung out on the deck (though I did keep trying to escape into the house - of course I remember where the kitchen is! Food is there!)

The dogs on the deck Dagan on the left, Anista on the right, looking at the camera
On the deck, Anista sitting in the foreground, Dagan behind her
Dog-MA followed me around in the yard and got a little personal! I think she was checking to make sure I am keeping up with the hygiene she taught me!
The dogs on the grass, Anista shaking Dagan's hand in her doggy way

Kitchen! Sweet kitchen! My favorite room in the house! Yummy stuff happens in this room!
Dagan sitting behind Anista in the kitchen
It's kinda hard to see, but I look a lot like Dog-MA. I totally got my forehead from her! But, I have my Dad's eyes - dark chocolate brown, rather than MA's caramel. I also have WAY more jowl and loose skin than she does. But, we are both SO cute! One last close up of Ma!
Close up of Anista looking right up into the camera
Wags and Wiggles,


  1. They are SO adorable!!! Dagan, you are such a cute pup and look just like your mom. Its hard to tell the two of you apart!

  2. Dagan, you'll always be your ma's baby. Of course, she wants to make sure you're eating right and pooping regularly!

  3. Thanks for keeping us posted, and we like the pictures. And now I understand you’ve been to the beach. Annista was going to the beach tomorrow, but it looks like it’s going to really really rain. We may just meet up with folks in down town Mill Valley.