Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to PAR-TAY!

So, I came home from my time with Auntie Melanie last Saturday and my house was in chaos! Chaos, I tell you! There were so many cars! I almost didn't know where I was! But, Mom heard that I had arrived and came out to meet us. We were having a party because Dad's old now. It was Dad's Old Party.

It was fun because there were so many people to tell me how cute I am and give me lots of rubs. Lots of dogs were there too - many of our family dogs were there to celebrate too.

Not only was it Dad's Old Party, it was Uncle Steven's Birthday too!
Gram lighting the candles on the cake with John and Stacy looking onGram lit the candles for their birthdays. But, then they had to blow them out fast because there were SO many candles! We didn't want the house to burn down!

Dad and Uncle Steven blowing out the candles
Then, they had to do some talking and patting each other on the back before we got to a point where there might be someone dropping some cake on the floor. My paws were crossed! My friend Lani Jo was there - her mom, Stacy is sitting right by the cake. When they were sitting down, Lani Jo tried to sneak a taste. She told me it smelled SO tasty! I was really hoping to get some in my mouth. Yummy! Yummy! In my tummy! Sadly, that did not happen. Such a bummer!
Steven and Dad making Birthday speechesWhile I was taking a break in my crate during the party, my cousin Brian came in to hang with me. He needed a time out too. He watched Little Einsteins. I watched the inside my eye lids.
4 year old Brian in bed surrounded by pillows and stuffed animalsBrian gathered all the Build-a-Bears in the house and snuggled in Mom and Dad's bed. He had Elroy the Elephant, Char the Giants bear, Pickle the puppy and the turtle. Poor turtle. No one remembers his name, but he has a super cute backpack!

OK, just talking about the party has me pooped! Time to squeeze in a nap!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Did you know? Stacy and Lonnie Jo helped my mom a lot while we were at doggy school. Stacy showed mom how to groom me. And Lonnie Jo is such a good dog that mom copied the way Stacy talked to Lonnie Jo and now she talks to me that way. Stacy and Lonnie Jo were some of mom's favorite while we were at school and mom was always in such a good mood when Stacy was around that it made me in a good mood. I'm so glad you got to hang outh Lonnie Jo. She's a really really good example for us young pups. Bummer you didn't get any cake.

  2. Jayden, I think my friend Lani Jo knows everyone! Our moms have known each other forever. I'm glad that they made you guys feel good at school.

    I'm still bummed about the cake. Maybe I'll score something yummy at Easter. I scored a kitty toy today - it was fun to chew on, but wasn't so tasty when Mom dug it out of my mouth.