Sunday, March 14, 2010

The things I get blamed for...

So, I get blamed for things that I don't do. Sometimes, it is for something that has fallen off the coffee table. Sometimes, it is for things that have fallen off the coffee table and I innocently try to be helpful by bringing them to people. Sometimes, its Mr. Kitty's yowls of displeasure after he has provoked me into play bowing at him (is it really *my* fault that I land on him???)

Today these people have taken it to a new level! You should be appalled by this! Wait - you WILL be appalled by this! Put your seat belts on to help you maintain control through your outrage!

I am innocently wandering the house when I hear "DAGAN! What are you doing?!?!" But the "Dagan" Mom was looking at didn't respond... His head was under the blanket hiding Dad's birthday present (He turns OLD on Wednesday!) It was, in fact, NOT me Dagan! This is what Mom saw...
Big boxes covered by a blanket with a life sized stuffed Lab 'looking' under the blanket
When "I" didn't respond, Mom took a closer look and realized it was the STUFFED black lab! Ha! Mom, you are such a dork! Now, please apologize appropriately. That's right, keep the cookies coming! One cookie. Two cookie. I think I need a few more to fully accept your apology for blaming me for the actions of stuffed dog... Just look at this face! Do you think it looks like it would do anything as naughty as peaking at a Birthday present?!?! I think not! I am the picture of innocence!
Dagan sitting next to the peaking lab

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. So is the stuffed doggy part of the birthday present?? It sure had me fooled, too!

  2. Glad it wasn't just me Mimi! The stuffed dog isn't part of the present, but when I tossed the blanket over the boxes to sort of hide it, the stuffed dog was just there, but I didn't notice until yesterday.

  3. Thank you so much for a Monday morning laugh! I would take all the cookies and milk you can get Dagan! :)

  4. now only if you can get old stuffie there to take the blame for the cat, you'd have it made.