Monday, June 21, 2010

Lukie has me covered

Two Sundays each month Mom teaches the kiddos at our church. Because the room is small and the toddlers can be a bit...ummm...crazy, I hang out in my travel crate in the alcove on week's when Dad is playing with the Worship Team.

One of my buddies is in Mom's class. We call him Lukie. Lukie is WAY fun! He likes to run and play. And he doesn't really like when his mom makes him go to Target either. Every week, Lukie says hi to me in my crate and pets me after class.

Yesterday, I got to hang with my Dad. Lukie asked about me when he got to class. Mom told him I was with my Dad, so Lukie went to play with the trains. His grandma told Mom that Lukie prays for me every night. He's just a little squirt though and doesn't remember my name, so he just thanks God for Church Dog (which makes sense cause he calls Mom Mrs. Church).

Thanks Lukie! There are days when I need you and God in my corner (like the day I ate the ear plugs. That was bad!)

Thanks for having my back Lukie!

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Everybody needs a little boy praying for them! You're a fortunate pup, Dagan!