Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fly Away Ears

A while back, while Mom's parents were visiting, we all went out to Bodega to see the ocean. It is such a windy place! It makes my ears flap all over the place. Dad and I posed for pictures.
Dagan and John sitting on a cliff overlooking the oceanBut, I wanted to take some on my own as well. See how my ears are flapping away?? It made things hard to hear!
Dagan along on the cliff, with his ears flying in the windThere are so many things to look at - birds flying by, seals playing in the water, waves, boats. So much entertainment for me! I really enjoy watching all the water happenings.
Dagan looking at the water, surrounded by a rope fence and flowersSuch a handsome boy!
Profile picture of Dagan's shiny black face looking at the waterGram wasn't so impressed with the wind. She says it made it hair look funny. What do you think?
Gram, back in the car, hair blown all to pieces

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  1. Ha ha! Gram has the windblown look. Why does it look so good in magazines, but not so much in real life? Dagan's ears make me think he's part cocker spaniel...or maybe basset hound?!