Monday, June 28, 2010

9 Things at 9 Months

Happy 3/4th Birthday to me! I'm on time this month! I'm on time! Today is my 3 quarters Birthday! Mom has lots to say about me. It has been an exciting month! It seems like my 8 month post was yesterday and like it was years ago! Time is flying, but so packed full!

Here is my 9 things at 9 months!
1) I'm a good boy. I like to follow rules and I like to make people (especially Mom!) happy! I do my best to do what I am asked.

2) I love when Mom rubs me when I am lying down being good. Now that it is summer, she usually has flip flops on. When we are stopped and I am lying down being good, she frequently slips her shoes off and rubs me all over. It feels soooo good. Sometimes I can't help buy groan a little.

3) I have a most excellent down stay! I will stay for ever and ever. Even in crowds of people, I will down and stay while Mom walks where ever she needs to go. Sometimes, Dad can convince me to get up and gets me in trouble. But, most of the time, I stay until Mom gives me permission to get up.

4) Occasionally, I have been left on a down stay under the giant island in our church's kitchen. I've been known to pilfer communion wafers off the floor if any were dropped on the floor.

5) I have a new friend named Radar. He's just a little peanut of a dog. He doesn't like looking at cameras much, but he's cute. He's smaller than my cats! And he can run like the wind! He ran ran ran ran ran all over the yard! I was SO sleepy later that I almost had to be carried to the car.

6) I can take most any situation that these people throw at me. I'm confident and happy to go where ever. Not much scares me. (Hmm... Radar did scare me though! If I got to close to him, he'd scream like a girl - when I didn't even touch him! I thought I would get in trouble!) I'm easy to take in public and not much upsets me.

7) I still don't like my feet touched, though Mom continues to try to convince me that she is not trying to amputate my toes each time she touches my feet. Seriously! Have you talked to Mr Yogi Kitty?? He is MISSING a toe! That could happen to me, ya know?!?

8) I will never eat a box of 18 ear plugs again.

9) The list of people who want me to live with them is growing almost daily. Mom is thinking of throwing a party and having a silent auction if I decide not to be a guide dog.

Off to another great month! Vacation is coming! Visiting with friends (you better rest up Cabana!), lots of fun to be had before I hit 10 months.

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Dagan, we can't wait to have you come stay with us!! But I'm going to have to hide our ear plugs.

    When you come visit, I've got a job for you to do. I need a pup to take with me to Northgate Mall to hit stores up for donations for the GDB reunion in September. Put your cutest face on!

  2. Carol Eshleman (and Anista)June 29, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    Hmmm. It sounds like you are doing great. But about those ear plugs. Which one of your litter chewed up Alan's head phones?

  3. Mimi - Dagan's cute face is always on! He'll be happy to help you! He says that with Cabana around, be won't have time to think about ear plugs.

    Rudy - Thanks!

    Dog-Ma and Carol - Dagan says the head phones weren't him. He's certain that one of his brothers or sisters did it. Ear plugs make poop pretty. Eating head phones would serve no decorative purpose.