Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeting Kaitlyn

Wow! I wonder if every weekend is going to be like this one! Mom, Dad and I drove over to see Dad's family. First, we went to Jennifer's salon. Dad got his hair cut and put in a new fire extinguisher. Then, we went to Target - my first trip! What a place! I've never seen anything like it!
Dagan sitting in front of a large stack of soda boxes
After Target, we went to my Auntie Diana's house. My grandparents were there and my cousins Jennifer and Michael too! Michael's wife Chrissy and their baby Kaitlyn were all there too. So was Accord! Accord was fun, but we had to be good because Kaitlyn is just a little itty bitty baby!

Accord likes to sit at the door and watch people come and go.
Accord sitting looking out the front door
Kaitlyn is really good at giving high 5's. But I didn't get one. Kind of a bummer! Something about me being too wiggly and her being too little! Whatever! So she gave one to her Gigi instead (that's Dad's Mom). Jenn is a great auntie and takes lots of pictures of Kaitlyn.
16 month old Kaitlyn giving Gigi a high 5
Kaitlyn likes to eat ice cream. She's pretty messy though! Ummm...hello!?!? Why do you think you have a tongue kid?? Use it to save ALL that ice cream! Duh!
Kaitlyn with ice cream smeared on her faceI was a super good puppy all day long! I did everything I was asked to and took everything in stride! It was a lot of fun! I was glad to get a chance to sit and do nothing though. I was SO sleepy! I borrowed Accord's bed for a snooze.

Dagan curled up on Accord's bolster bed
Makes me tired just thinking about all that I did! I wonder what's in store for next weekend!

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Dagan, I think you've got competition in the cuteness department. Kaitlyn's eyelashes and ringlets are hard to beat!