Monday, January 25, 2010

Puppy? Or pin cushion??

Yikes! What a day! First, someone needs to talk to my Mom! Do you want to know what she did?!?! She FORGOT my lunch! Ummm... Hello?!?! Can you believe that?? I could not! I was SO upset about it! But, she gave me some cookies to tide me over. It wasn't good enough to me, but if Mom forgets, what else can I do??
Full head shot of Dagan's face, looking inquisitive about the camerThen, we took off to visit my friends at the vet. Did you know that they have cookies there too?? Yum! But, they tricked me with all those cookies! I am still in shock! It's not nice to trick people so blatantly! While Mom held a cookie right in front of my lips, the other people (who I thought were my friends!) stuck me with needles! Many times! Mom says it was because of my adventures with the rat poison at my old house. Something about making sure my blood works right again. So, they needed a LOT of blood all from one stick! I had to sit really really still - which I am not good at when I think my friends are around! First, it was one leg, then another and another and another! Then there was the neck! THREE times! Good-bye puppy, hello pin cushion! All those sticks left me feeling like a grumpy old man!
Dagan sitting on his bed, leaning back against the couch with his hips rolled under him and his post-dinner belly poking out, eyes shut chin tucked looking like a grumpy old man
But, the good news is that my blood is all fixed!! Yippy! No more pills (though they were kinda tasty - beef flavored! Yum!) Better than no more pills is that there will be no more sticks! Double yippy!!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. so glad he's gonna be ok :) can't wait to hear more of his adventures

  2. When I was in school to be a phlebotomist, there was a chapter in the book about animal phlebotomy. It broke my heart. I could stick humans just fine, but I never could have done an animal. Glad all that is over!

  3. Oooohhhh Dagan you are soooo cute, I am torn I love my little Truffle (my 1st yellow lab)but I tell ya, there is nothing like a shiny black Lab! Sorry you're a pin cushion. I forgot Truffle's lunch too- it must be the sunny days.

  4. Miss Carrie, Blackies are very cute, I must agree! But, I'm scared if it was sun that made Mom forget my lunch! There was none when she forgot it! But that's ok - I got lunch today! Yum!! Tell Truffle hello for me!

  5. Oooh that's scary! Mom says I have to go get "shots" on Friesday but a lotta of my friends said there is lots of treats, so i'm cool wit it.

  6. Pompei, shots aren't so bad! They are quick and you don't have to sit still long and the cookies are yummy! But, I'm still hoping for no more pokes until I'm lots older!