Thursday, January 14, 2010

Settling in

Ok, I think I get the whole blogging thing now. I read through Poppy's Poop Scoop - and even posted there! I've been to a friend's house with Mom and Dad, slept almost all the way through the night, gone to work, ran a couple errands and am now relaxing at home. What a first day!

But, here is what you have all really been waiting for! Pictures of my cuteness!
Dagan sitting on his down comforter/bed looking at the camera
I'm learning that being on tie-down is not the worst thing in the world. I have a cushy bed and there are always toys for me to play with.
Dagan chewing on his toys - a bone and a tug ring with his foot through the middle
I'm doing really well at sitting and waiting for my food. I will do ANYthing for food! It is the tastiest part of my day!
Dagan in an attentive sit with his best 'Please say OK' face
Mom and I went for a walk at lunch today. I got to meet Poppy's Lady Friends. They didn't like me much. I think they have something against my black fur! They took one look at me and went running off into the field! How rude!

And, I must admit, I am confused about one little thing. Mom keeps saying that I don't have paws! Huh?!!? She says that they are flippers. I know that they are big. I know that they are so big that I have to fling them out in front of me when I walk so that I don't trip on them. But, I still think they are paws. What do you think??
Dagan's big giant front paws
Ok, I'm a sleepy boy! I've done a lot today and I am ready to sleep! I promise to even try to sleep all the way until the alarm goes off in the morning! Hopefully, my bladder doesn't get in the way!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. You are too cute Dagan! We love your name!! :))
    Erin & Pompei
    Victoria,Bubbles & Texas

  2. welcom mr. dagan, I love the name! as for those flipper-feet it just means you'll be ready for summer swimming!