Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gimme Kibble!!

OK, I know I am a Lab. And I know that Labs love to eat. But, I think I take the cake! Whenever we go into the kitchen, I seek out my bowl and just hope for it to be filled for me. I check it any chance I get - in fact, I may have to stop blogging to go check it out right now!
Dagan looking in his empty food bowl
Nope. Still empty. So sad. Maybe if I give them this face, someone will fill my bowl.
Dagan staring up at the camera with his empty bowl at his feetHold on! Here comes Dad! Maybe the face will work on him! (He's the sucker - I got that figured out already!)
Beggin' Dagan, empty bowl at his feet with John's feet next to him
Oh well. Maybe I'll just think about my last lunch. It was SO tasty that I couldn't help myself! At home, I eat out of a special bowl to slow me down. It's nice because it helps me savor the food. I get to enjoy it for like 5 whole minutes! But, in reality, I'd rather just suck it down and look for more! At lunch, I didn't have my eat slow bowl. So, I sucked it down! Yum!
Dagan looking at the camera with dog food wetness smeared all over his faceWhat do you mean I have something on my face?? Where? Can I reach it with my tongue?? I don't want to waste any tid bits!
Dagan licking the dog food off his faceHow's that? Better? Bummer that the meal is over! Can't wait for the next! Hey! I think I hear my food bowl moving! Gotta go! Labby loopin' all the way there!

Wags and Wiggles,


  1. Ah yes, that's something I've forgotten having Golden's all last year. Pompei is already going into conniptions having to "Stay" and wait for his food! LOL

  2. I've never seen such a messy eater!! Oh Dagan, you're too funny!

  3. Dagan- what are you eating? You remind me of a silly yellow lab at my house, except you managed to keep your ears out of your food! Right now Truffle is struggling with the chunks of food so we are mushing it up for her. Hence the muck all over here face and ears.

  4. Erin, I sit and wait just fine - but once I hear OK, I'm on it!

    Waffle - I get it in my ears too! I don't know what's wrong with your yellow girl - she must not be related to me! No mushing needed at my house! If not using the eat slow bowl, I open my mouth and inhale! Yum!