Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome Home!

I'm not sure if that is to you or to me! It has been quite the day! Yesterday, I woke up in one home. We drove to Guide Dogs (where I was born not all that long ago). I spent the night there and was starting to settle in. Then, some lady comes to get me and takes me to another place! The cats here have all sorts of things to tell me. They have a list of rules that is bordering on insane. And they have messages from Poppy. Who is Poppy?!?! I'm just a baby! This is all so confusing to me! I'm only a baby!

So, the big black cat told me that Poppy told him that I am supposed to be keeping a blog about all my adventures. But, I'm not even sure who Poppy is. What makes it more difficult is that the little stripey cat is telling me that I am supposed to continue updating Poppy's blog too! Umm... hello?!?! Is anyone else confused by this??

They told me to visit this place Poppy's Poop Scoop which seems to be this Poppy's blog. Time to read up and see what I can figure out! Hopefully, I will know more tomorrow! For now, all I know is that I am in a new home. With new people. And new cats. They have way too many rules for me to understand and they move way too fast for me! Hopefully, I will get the hang of all this soon! But, before I figure all that out, I think I need a nap!


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