Friday, April 16, 2010

Napping with Nassau

After all that running, we boys needed some rest! We were called "The boys" all weekend. Because I am big for my age, it was kinda hard to tell us apart without seeing our faces. When we went out in public, I was SO embarrassed! Mom put a MEDIUM puppy coat on me! I looked like one of those body builder guys, squeezed into a small tank top, trying to look cool. That look SO does not work for me!

Sorry! Tangent! Anyway! After Nassau and I did all that running, we needed our rest! We were wiped out! Mom always has my red cuddle blanket out (that's the blanket that she uses when we cuddle on my bed). Mom always gets under the blanket. I think that is kinda strange - blankets are comfy to scrunch up into a bed. Not sure why someone would want to snuggle under a blanket - but Nassau thinks like Mom! He wrapped him self up and burrowed under the blanket.
Red blanket on the ugly carpet with the back half of Nassau sticking out
Since, when Mom is under the blanket, I am on top of her, I thought maybe I should come over and check it out.
Dagan lying on top of the blanket covering Nassau, looking at the spot where Nassau's head isWhen I cuddle, I expect something in return - ya know, so pets or something?? But, with all his feet and head covered, Nassau wasn't very good at paying attention to me!
Dagan lying on the blanket next to Nassau under it. Dagan looking up at the cameraSo, what else is a boy to do?? I went for a hunt! Guess what I found! I found Nassau's soft little muzzle! Looks like the perfect spot to plant a kiss!
Nassau still covered by the blanket, but with his nose sticking out. Dagan is kissing his nose
Since that didn't get his attention, I decided maybe I should follow his lead and take a nap too. I was pretty tired, I guess.
Dagan on the blanket napping next to Nassau under the blanketOr at least, I WAS tired! When I heard that it was time for my next meal, you bet your Nylabone that I was up and ready! Nassau was too - he was so excited about food that he was licking his chops before dinner was even scooped!
The boys waiting by the food bowls - Nassau sitting up front, licking his lips and Dagan in a down in the back groundMmmm...Speaking of dinner, I think I better go find Mom again!

Wags and Wiggles,

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