Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - almost

Dagan with his bone on his bed wearing his bite-not collar that keeps him from licking his neuter incision
Droopy-eyed Dagan chilling post neuter
The aftermath 72 hours at GDB, a couple meals of canned food and "happy juice"


  1. Aww. Poor Dagan. Hope he starts feeling a bit perkier soon. I remember how Don was zonked out for days after his neuter.

    I've never seen one of those collars before. How does it work compared to the "cone of shame"? Looks like it would be a lot less annoying for the dog.

  2. The poor sweetie. I hope Dagan perks back up quickly. I like that collar a lot better than the cone, too. There's not much that's worse than the cone for sure!

  3. Fern looked just like Dagan two weeks ago. By day 5 she was back to her normal self and I had a hard time keeping her quiet for 5 more days till the stitches came out.

  4. Dagan says it is equally annoying! He mopes and mopes with it on. But, for a dog that is crated in my office, it is the only way to go. My complaints with the No Bite collar are: 1) they are not cheap! At all! (though mine is 3 years old now, so I haven't checked recently) 2) the fit is persnickity. If it doesn't fit exactly right, your dog can get around it. It must span from the back of the ears to the top of the shoulders. 3) you lose your access to the collar. So when I walked out to the car this AM, I had to loop his leash around the neck because his collar was under the thing. And lastly 4) it doesn't work for all needs. For the $$ I wish it would protect more of the body.

    It prevents his neck from bending back to the surgery site. He simply can't turn his neck far enough to lick his back end. If he tried, he could probably reach the tip of his tail, but nothing else.