Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Places I Sleep

It take a lot of sleep to keep me looking so cute and growing so big! I am always looking for new and comfy places to snooze! Of course, my bed is one of the mostest comfy places!
Dagan curled up on his folded up comforter bedAnother one of my favorite places is on the kitchen rug. That way, I won't miss my food! I can sleep there all day and all night, just to be sure that I don't miss some kibble!
Dagan in a down on the mat in front of the kitchen sinkSometimes, we hang out on the porch. The porch is a fun place to be. I can smell all sorts of goodness! I love smelling everything in the fields. Cow patties are some of my favorite smells! I would love to go run in the fields with them! I asked my dad, but he said no.
Dagan sitting on the porch, looking up at the camera
So, since I was stuck on the porch with the fam, I decided that I had just found another great place to sleep! So, I settled in for some rest.

Dagan lying down on the porchAll that sleeping makes a boy hungry though! I better get away from the computer and head back to my kitchen mat - where I will sleep until someone brings me some dinner!

Wags and Wiggles,

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  1. Sleeping is good for us dogs!
    Looks like you are enjoying it!