Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 80th G-Ma!

Just a couple weeks after I turned 1, my Grandma turned 80! Wow! That's ancient! So, the family got together and took Grandma out to dinner. While the other dogs had to stay home, I got to go. But, I didn't get to eat. I took a nap (after all, playing with the dogs that were left behind was tiring!)
Dagan curled up under the table at the restaurantWe went to this place called The Dead Fish. I am not sure what the fish did, but I was just hoping that I didn't make any one mad! I don't want to end up at a place called The Dead Dog!

All the people who ate dead fish got bibs. They looked pretty silly! Papa, Grandma and Dad all wore bibs.

Papa and Grandma in their bibs eating crab, John in his bib smiling at the cameraSo did Jennifer and Auntie Diana! Just Uncle Steve and Mom avoided bibbage!
Steven with no bib in the background, sitting next to Jennifer and Diana, sporting their bibs and holding up a crab shellNot even *I* avoided the embarrassment and I didn't get any fish!
Dagan sitting next to the table with the big plastic bib tied around his neck, hanging down to the groundThen, they brought out some candles and we all sang. Well, no one wanted to hear me sing, so I just wagged a little (with my bib on, of course!).
G-ma and her candle sticks, sitting between Papa and JohnHappy 80th G-ma!
Wags and Wiggles,

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