Sunday, November 14, 2010

New things in my slow world

So, with my required rest, it has been a boooooring weekend! My brother-from-another-mother, Ned, was here visiting. His family was gone and I was stoked to have him here. But, we couldn't play. We had to stay on tie-downs far enough away from each other so that we could not wrestle. How fair is that??

Then, we hung out in the car together. After a long drive, we got to get out of the car. I was super excited!! I thought we were going to have some fun! We got out of the car and headed out. But, nope. It was just the hair salon, where we had to sit still. At least Jenn was there to visit! She's my people-cousin. Love her! Then, we all went out to dinner. How come, when we "go out to dinner" some of us never get to eat! It's really not fair!

But today was a different story. Mom put me on my dog bed and told me to be good. Then... she left the house! What?!?!? She left without me! I was sorta shocked. I think she lost it! I would say that she forgot me, but it all seemed so deliberate. But, she never leaves me at home alone out of my crate. But, free in the house??? What is a dog to do??

So, I curled up on my bed to think about it. I wanted to think of some trouble that I could get in to. I was thinking and thinking. I thought so hard that I fell asleep! The next thing I knew, it was 4 hours later and Dad was walking in, waking me up! I didn't get to have any fun while they were away! Bummer! Maybe next time!

Wags and Wiggles,

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