Thursday, November 18, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

I know that Mom and Dad like doing things for other people (they are raising me, after all!). Though I take up much of their volunteer time, they find other ways to help out other people. Each year, they pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They fill a shoe box with goodies to ship off to kids around the world that would not otherwise get a Christmas present. Mom and I help collect the boxes at our church. This Sunday is the final collection day, so we needed to get our boxes done! I was pretty excited to help!

Mom and I did a little shopping last week, but I missed out on the bulk of it last night. It would have been fun too! Mom went with my most favoritest person! Bummer that I was still so sleepy!! I was so out of it after my vet visit that I couldn't stay awake for shopping. But, I got to help back boxes tonight!

First step: Read the directions.
Dagan looking at the Operation Christmas Child flier
Step 2: Find your shoe boxes
Dagan sitting on his dog bed with a shoe box

Step 3: Make them pretty!
Dagan lying on his bed with two wrapped shoe boxes and a roll of wrapping paper
Step 4: Gather your goodies
Dagan on his bed surrounded by bags of goodies

Step 5: Separate your stuff (we did a girl box and a boy box - ages 5-9 on each)
Dagan sitting next to the coffee table with the boy stuff and girl stuff
Step 6: Stuff your boxes
DAgan on his bed with the loaded boxes
Step 7: Make sure the lid fits (sometimes, we need help from our friends on this one)

Dagan looking over his shoulder on his dog bed, with the closed boxes and Simba Cat looking on
Step 8: Pay online, so we can track our packages and see where they end up!
Computer screen shot of the box tags
Step 9: Feel good about doing something nice!

I can't wait to see where our boxes end up! I hope the kiddos enjoy the boxes as much as we did putting them together!

Wags and Wiggles,

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